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Buffalo Games: New Puzzles Feb 2016

Buffalo Games has been releasing so many great puzzles! I really love the brand too. There are most new ones up on their site.

“A Peach of a Day” by Charles Wysocki, 300 pieces

Buffalo makes Wysocki puzzles in various sizes. Usually when they release one in 300 pieces I’m bummed because I don’t normally buy anything below 500. It just goes so fast it’s not worth it. I absolutely love this ‘view out the window’ image, so I hope they will release it in 1000 pieces at some point. If you like 300 piece puzzles, you’re in luck!

“Vintage Fishing” by Kate Ward Thacker, 500 pieces

I really love the color and details in this image. And I appreciate that it’s not just a photographed collage but it appears softer and more painterly. It looks like this is the first of a new series and I’m looking forward to seeing more!

“Evening Meadow” by Hautman Brothers, 1000 pieces

There are a lot of beautiful bird puzzles, but I like that this one also includes the farm and horses, and the fence/blossoms framework looks fun to assemble.

“Simpler Times” by Kim Norlien, 1000 pieces

A nice rustic landscape.

“Country Music” by Kim Norlien, 2000 pieces

Always nice to see another 2000 piece puzzle released!


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