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4th of July & Patriotic – A Top Ten Jigsaw Puzzle List

It’s 4th of July Week!

This week at Jigsaw Junkies, we’re featuring 4th of July themed puzzles for the upcoming holiday. Today’s post is a top ten list of the best 4th of July and Patriotic themed puzzles, just in time for your firework festivities.

10. “Mapletown Picnic” by Andy Thomas, Sunsout — 500 pieces

This is a sweet small town nostalgia puzzle in 500 pieces. Don’t you want to be in this scene?

Link to puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

9. “Patriotic Cupcakes”, Vermont Christmas Company — 1000 pieces

If collage puzzles are more your scene, this one from Vermont Christmas Company is perfect for this time of year. Looks like a challenge with all that identically shaded red, white and blue frosting.

Link to puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

8. “United States Presidents” by Randy Green, White Mountain — 1000 pieces

This would be a terrific puzzle to tackle for the 4th of July, especially with kids. All 44 US presidents are in the puzzle along with fun facts about the presidency.

Link to puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

7. “State Plates” by Aaron Foster Design, Springbok — 1000 pieces

Here’s one for fans of Springbok puzzles. I like the large size of the American flag in this puzzle, and the license plates portion should be a breeze to complete. It’s a nice mix of textures.

Link to puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

6. “4th of July Parade” by Bob Pettes, Sunsout — 500 pieces

I reviewed this puzzle here.

I like the round shape of this 4th of July themed puzzle and all the small figures. It was fun to put together.

Link to puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

5. “Hometown Heroes: Men of Honor” by Dona Gelsinger, Master Pieces — 1000 pieces

The “Hometown Heroes” series from Master Pieces features interesting still life/tableau paintings with law enforcement, firemen, and military themes. This one is particularly patriotic with the flag in the background and the Uncle Sam poster. This is a random cut puzzle similar in quality to Sunsout or Springbok.

I reviewed another puzzle in this same series, “Hometown Heroes” here.

Link to puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

4. “Bird House Celebration” by Lori Schory, Sunsout — 1000 pieces, shaped

Yay for a 4th of July themed puzzle that’s shaped! This one has the added interest that the bird in the upper left is a totally separate puzzle from the main puzzle. Interesting. I like the heavy use of red, white and blue here and the border is very irregular.

Link to puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

3. “The Few and the Proud” by Ray Simon, Sunsout — 1000 pieces

This is a complex and interesting patriotic image, almost a collage. I like the yellow sky in the bottom half of the image and the three military figures. Due to that collage effect, it looks like it would be pretty straight forward to assemble.

Link to puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

2. “Patriots”, Lafayette Puzzle Company — 1000 pieces

I love the vintage art style in this image and wow, does it look like a challenge with all that red, white and blue and the flag stripes everywhere. Looks like a lot of fun to put together!

Link to puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

1. “Made in the USA” by Tom Wood, Sunsout — 1000 pieces

My #1 spot on this list goes to “Made in the USA” which I reviewed earlier this week here. I like the country fair setting, the fireworks, and the nice mix of red, white and blue textures. It was super fun to assemble too with the sturdy pieces, tight interlock, and very random cut.

Link to puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

Did I miss your favorite? If you have any 4th of July or patriotic puzzles you particularly like, please share in the comments!


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