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Top Ten: SUNSOUT June 2017

Top Ten: SUNSOUT June 2017

Puzzle Warehouse has a new sales promotion that will run 5/31 through 6/21. (But don’t wait too long as the most popular puzzles may go out of stock!)   All Sunsout puzzles are “buy 3 get 1 free”. In order to help you sort through the Sunsout goodies, here’s a top ten list of my favorite Sunsout puzzles currently available.

You can see the entire Sunsout selection here. Click on any image below to see the puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

(As usual my “top ten” list is much longer than ten….)

21. “Time Square Intersection” by Joseph Burgess, Sunsout (300 pieces)

For fans of 300 piece puzzles, this bright and fun cityscape is hard to beat.

20. “I Am With You”, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

Sunsout carries a number of religious themed puzzles. I particularly like the interesting shape on this one.

19. “Next Stop: Columbia River Museum” by Bill W. Dodge, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

This folk art style puzzle is filled with interesting characters and objects to piece together. I particularly like the border.

18. “Cardinal’s Church” by Jerry Gadamus, Sunsout (300 pieces)

Sunsout carries a number of lovely bird and nature puzzles. If you prefer larger puzzles, see the similar FRIENDS FOR THE SEASON (1000 pieces) .

17. “The Beginning of Jazz” by Annie Lee, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

Sunsout has introduced some wonderful folk art puzzles from Annie Lee including this knockout.

16. “Garden Helpers” by Chrissie Snelling, Sunsout (500 pieces)

I loved this image when I saw it carried by Otter House in the UK, so I was glad to see Sunsout bring it to the US market.

15. “A Bend in the Road” by Al Agnew, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

A gorgeous puzzle for fans of landscapes or fall-themed puzzles.

14. “World of Cats” by Bill Bell, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

I like Bill Bell’s cartoony style, and this collage puzzle is a ton of fun.

13. “A Village Wedding” by Steve Crisp, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

I love British nostalgia puzzles, and this quaint village scene by Steve Crisp is a classic one.

12. “And the Winner Is…” by Susan Breabeau, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

This was one of my favorites last year. It’s still one of the best in the Sunsout line-up.

If you prefer a smaller piece count, “Mommy Makes it Better” (300 pieces) is also great.

11. “Night on the River” and “Moonlight Lace” by Roberta Wesley, Sunsout (1000 pieces each)

I love these gorgeous southern gothic themed puzzles.  Mesmerizing!

10. “Dr. Miracle’s Golden Discovery” by Ann Stookey, Sunsout (500 pieces)

This is my favorite of Sunsout’s current folk art puzzles. Great colors!

9. “St. Francis” by Randy Wollenmann, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

Another Sunsout classic that’s still among their very best. The borders make this one brilliant fun to assemble. See my review here.

8. “Queen of Silk” and “Myersalome” by Nene Thomas, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

Nene Thomas fantasy puzzles contain the most scrumptous colors and textures. These two are brand new. If you like these also see the other Nene Thomas Sunsout puzzles currently on sale.

7. “Birds of a Feather” by Finchley Paper Arts, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

This is a fantastic collage puzzle from Finchley Paper Arts, with 20 little mini bird puzzles plus an interesting border. Fabulous to put together!

6. “Anastasia” by Gracjana Zielinska, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

This is a brand new (and gorgeous) gothic fantasy puzzle. Pardon my drool.

5. “Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” by Steve Crisp, Sunsout (1500 pieces)

For those who love a challenge, this 1500 piece puzzle with uber drama is a masterpiece!

4. “Woodland Fairy” by Ruth Sanderson, Sunsout (1500 pieces)

A stunning fantasy puzzle in fall colors and 1500 pieces.

3. “Springtime Valley” by James Lee, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

I love this image. It has the feel of a Thomas Kinkade but in an unusual setting. Click here to see more James Lee.

2. “Japanese Garden” by T.C. Chui, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

This fan-shaped puzzle is one of Sunsout’s all-time best sellers, and it also happens to be one of my favorites. (see my review here).


1. “Forest Christmas”, Sunsout (1000 pieces)

I love Christmas puzzles and shaped puzzles, and this one is a wonderful example of both.

That’s it for this round up. There are over 75 pages of Sunsout puzzles currently at Puzzle Warehouse on sale. Make your own “best of” picks from the ones available. Happy shopping! You can see the entire selection here.


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