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New Puzzles: August 2017

This weekend’s post shares some new releases that I need to talk about–including some awesome new Pomegranates!

For your Edification – A Tip on Saving Shipping Costs:

I used to never order a single puzzle because the shipping cost for just one can be nearly as much as the puzzle itself! Yet I’m not always ready to spend $75 to get free shipping either. That’s why I really enjoy the Puzzle Warehouse’s “Puzzle of the Month” club because it means year-long free shipping. You’ll receive a puzzle each month with Puzzle of the Month club, and when you buy other items at any time, upon checkout you are asked if you’d like to hold that new purchase to ship with your puzzle of the month. Yes! This means I can order a single puzzle and have it sent to me later with my monthly shipment and there’s no shipping fee on it. I also keep a “Wish List” on puzzle warehouse, so when I get my email about my monthly selection, I can easily exchange it for a puzzle I really want. Win/win.

When Puzzles are Out of Stock:

The inventory at Puzzle Warehouse moves quickly, and due to limited warehouse space, only certain amounts of any one titles are brought in at a time. But most of our suppliers replenish rapidly. When a puzzle is out of stock, it’s likely to be back in stock within a week or two. Enter your email address on the out of stock page to be notified when it returns so you can place an order before it’s out again!


August 2017

These are my top picks of the new puzzles that are currently available at Puzzle Warehouse.


TOP PICK #1: “Celebration” by Sarsyn and Joah Trebeth, Pomegranate, 1000 pieces 

Pomegranate has some excellent new releases this month and this one is my favorite. Looks like it will be so fun to assemble with all those unique patterns and faces.

TOP PICK #2: “Halloween Scene” by K. Sean Sullivan, Sunsout, 500 pieces  

I love Halloween puzzles and Sunsout has a bunch of new ones out (see later in this post). This design is my favorite. 500 pieces is good for a one night session, but I wish it came in a larger size too.

TOP PICK #3: “Winter Awakening” by Picturesque, Sunsout, 1000 pieces  

My third “top pick” was a tough choice, but I just could not get past the lovely subtle colors in the sunrise and the peaceful rural setting on this one. I like the long shape too.

More new puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse this month


Pomegranate is a fine arts brand with truly exceptional quality. So new Pomegranates are always welcome. They have some terrific new images just released. Click on any of the images below to see the puzzle at Puzzle Warehouse.



Two new from Terry Redlin: “Bountiful Harvest” and “Autumn Evening”, 550 pieces each

Two new fall-themed Terry Redlin puzzles. These come in 550 pieces. If you like a larger sized puzzle, consider mixing up the two bags of pieces and doing both puzzles at once! Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.

“Antique Advertising” (1000 pieces) 

Fun images in this new collage. Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.

“I Love New Hampshire” and “I Love Vermont” (1000 pieces each) 


Sunsout has some new Halloween, Fall, and Christmas images just out! Plus they’ve added some quite nice Susan Brabeau images (read my interview with her here).

3 New Susan Brabeau!

“Christmas Thieves”, 1000 pieces

“Garden Scene”, 1000 pieces

“Pet Bed”, 1000 pieces

New Halloween Puzzles!

“Halloween Lane House”, 1000 pieces

“Fall Birds”, 1000 pieces

“Haunted Hayride” and “Halloween Fright Night” by Cheryl Bartley, 500 pieces each

“Halloween House” by Nicky Boehme, 1000 pieces

“Halloween Scene” by K. Sean Sullivan, 500 pieces

“Halloween Surprise” by Ashley Davis, 1000 pieces

“You Go First” by Denis Lewan, 1000 pieces

“Witch’s Brew” by Lori Schory, 1000 pieces

“Trick or Treat Dogs” by Bill Bell, 300 pieces


“Fall Watering Can” by Lori Schory, 1000 pieces shaped

2 from Dave Barnhouse – “Old Fashioned Hay Ride” and “Yard Work”, both in 1000 pieces

These are lovely.

“Church in the Glen” by Charles White, 500 pieces


“Winter Awakening”, 1000 pieces

I really love this one. Interesting long shape and lovely subtle colors.

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