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New Gibsons – Spring 2018

Gibsons, a UK puzzle maker, has announced 7 new puzzles for Spring 2018. I’m an unrepentant Anglophile, so I love these colorful British scenes.

It will take a few weeks to get them in to Puzzle Warehouse, but meanwhile, check out the awesomeness.

“SNOOZING IN THE SHED” by Steve Read, 1000 pieces

A tom cat has found a warm, comfy spot in the sun upon some sacks in a tool shed. So comfortable is he that he can’t be bothered to attend to some mice that are cheekily stealing grain from one of the sacks.


“THE FOUR BELLS” by Derek Roberts, 1000 pieces

“DECKCHAIR DREAMING” by Steve Crisp, 500 pieces

English cottage garden scene with a stream and bridge together with a family having a peaceful sunday.

“THE COUNTRY DANCE” by Debbie Cook, 1000 pieces


“SEAGULLS AT STAITHES” by Roger Neil Turner, 636 pieces

“LANCASTER OVER LINCOLN” by Jim Mitchell, 500 pieces

“VOTES FOR WOMEN”, 1000 pieces

Look for a new review this weekend.


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