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UK & European Christmas Puzzles 2019

I’ve always loved the limited edition Christmas puzzles from the UK and Europe.  They have terrific Christmas puzzle in general over there. Some of them are difficult to get at Puzzle Warehouse, but we should be getting some by the fall. Meanwhile, here are the images announced by the big manufacturers. Talk about Christmas in July!

While we’ve waiting for these releases, check out Puzzle Warehouses’s Christmas puzzle selection.



Ravensburger’s Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle 2019 “Home for Christmas” by Roy Trower

I love this year’s Ravensburger. The night scene and dark water are a nice change of pace and the ships are cute.




Gibson’s Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle 2019 “Secret Santa” by Tony Ryan

This is a gorgeous new addition to the Gibsons Limited Edition collection.

Gibson’s “Magic of Christmas” by Trevor Mitchell, 4×500

I love this collection of Christmas themed puzzles by Trevor Mitchell. I have several of these 4×500 sets. It’s nice because if you want a more difficult puzzle you can mix the pieces together and do the entire thing like a 2000 piece collage. Or you can sit down and do one in an evening.





Gibson’s “Christmas Alphabet”, 1000 

I love the collage effect and all the lettering on this one.

Gibson’s “Festive Skater” by Vic McLindon, 1000

Gibson’s “Christmas Chorus”, 1000

Gibson’s “A Winter Stroll” by Steve Crisp, 1000

Gibson’s “Snowfall at Sunset” by Thomas Kinkade, 1000 

Gibson’s “Santa’s Workshop” by Thomas Kinkade, 1000 

Gibson’s “Santa’s Workshop” by Thomas Kinkade, 1000 




Falcon’s Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle 2019 “Santa’s Special Delivery” by Daniela Pirola, 2×1000

This year’s Falcon contains 2 puzzles of Santa at the train station.


Falcon “Coming Home for Christmas”, 1000



House of Puzzles is a Scottish puzzle maker. They have some fun Christmas puzzles this year.

“Can I Help”, 1000 pieces

“Snow Family”, 1000 pieces

“Holly Cottage”, 1000 pieces

I hope this post cooled down your hot summer a bit. It’s a perfect time to do winter-themed puzzles!


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