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Puzzle Art - Greg Giordano

One of the things I look for when choosing a puzzle is , of course, the image but also who the artist is. There are the many masterpieces but sometimes it is simple ‘everyday life’ artistry that attracts me. One artist I’ve been following is Greg Giordano. He portrays animals in the wild as well as domestic animals and so many nostalgic scenes. Follow this link to see all that Puzzle Warehouse carries.
I loved working on 
Lakeside Cabin with the beautiful Golden Retrievers lounging by the fireplace. We have had Goldens in the past and these scenes bring back so many wonderful memories. There is also the adorable Cobble Hill Farm with the beautiful Goldens filling up an old abandoned truck. These are both 1000-piece and put out by Cobble Hill.

Giordano also has an abundance of depictions of birds. Nature’s Ornament, a Springbok 500-piece puzzle, has a colourful red cardinal adorning a snow-covered pine tree. Then there is the Eurographics 1000 piece 13” X 38” panoramic, Garden Birds. Gorgeous colours!

Do you love doing shaped puzzles? SunsOut  offers some of Giordano’s pieces like the Native American Wolf. This is a beautiful shaped wolf, 27” X 35” full of symbols of Native American culture.

How about adorable puppies and kittens?  A Pile of Kittens, also by SunsOut, is a 1000-piece 26” X 26” square puzzle you will melt over. But wait! Giordano does not stop the cuteness overload with kittens! Porch Pals has a porch swing lined with an assortment of puppies and kittens. This 1000-piece puzzle is put out by Jack Pine. I haven’t done anything by this company yet so can’t provide any info on the quality or ease of constructing. I do plan to check this one out soon though.

Continuing to dive into the art of Greg Giordano I found this whimsical scene, Santa’s Team.  A wintry scene has Santa surrounded by forest creatures. This one is going onto my Wishlist for next Christmas. It is a 1000-piece puzzle by Piatnik, another puzzle company I haven’t investigated yet.

Greg Giordano is just one artist that has found a market in the puzzle business. I also love assembling art puzzles by the Masters. Perhaps in the next few months, we’ll do a deep dive into some of my favorites.

So many puzzles so little time!

Mary Ellen

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