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Puzzles That Make the Cover

I’m a bit of a “cover junkie” when it comes to magazines, and when a magazine cover makes it onto a puzzle, I am here for it! Puzzles with magazine cover art have everything going for them… eye-catching images, interesting subject matter, and a bit of lettering. Of course this got me thinking about how many magazine cover shots were so good they deserved a puzzle!

Sunset Magazine was first published as a promotional magazine for the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1898 to promote travel to California (at the time, California had a bit of a bad reputation as being too wild and too unsophisticated). Over the years, Sunset grew into a lifestyle magazine featuring architecture, gardening, cooking, and travel in the Western United States. It is still in print today and many of the magazine covers have found their way onto puzzles.

Magazine of the West  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

Cactus Blooms  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  500 pieces

Beach Bound  |  New York Puzzle Company | 500 pieces

Vogue Magazine began as a weekly newspaper in 1892 with the aspiration to celebrate fashion, leisure activities, and social affairs. Vogue means “style” in French and if you want to feel resplendent in your Puzzle Pavilion, there are many chic puzzle options for you!

How the Wind Blows  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

Mother and Son  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

Retail Therapy  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

Judge was a weekly satirical magazine published in the US from 1881-1947. Harold Ross served as an editor for a few months and then launched The New Yorker Magazine with his wife, Jane Grant. 

The Floating Population  |   New York Puzzle Company  |  500 pieces

Shop Early  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

The New Yorker was founded as a weekly “sophisticated” humor magazine in 1925 by husband and wife team Harold Ross and Jane Grant after they grew weary of the “corny” humor magazines of the day. Today, The New Yorker is well known for its illustrated cover art and commentary on popular culture. For puzzle purposes, magazine cover art from The New Yorker can be found on 100 piece mini puzzles all the way up to 1500 piece puzzles.

Shakespeare in the Park  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  100 piece mini puzzle

Sea Changes  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

Local Fauna  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1500 pieces

House & Garden came into the world as a journal devoted to architecture in 1901 by three Pensylvanian architects. It grew into a “shelter magazine” focusing on interior design, home furnishings, food, and gardening. It was published in the US until 1993 and continues internationally in the UK, South Africa, and Greece (and as artwork for jigsaw puzzles).

Swan Cottage  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

Fall Planting  |   New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

Quilted Comfort  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  500 pieces

Gourmet created a stir as the first US magazine devoted to food, wine, and “good living”. In its heyday, the magazine had 12 test-kitchen chefs and food costs rose to over $100,000 a year. The food photography events for the magazine were organized like Hollywood movie shoots with casting calls and on-site catering.

Indian Cuisine  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

Pumpkin Soup  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  500 pieces

Cheese Tasting  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  500 pieces

The Etude joined the magazine publishing craze in 1883 with a publication devoted to musicians and performers of all ability levels. It contained write-in advice columns about teaching music and included sections on history, gossip, and politics. It maintained an optimistic stance over the years and supported the phonograph, radio, television, and fully embraced jazz.

Christmas Eve Dilemma  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  500 pieces

National Geographic is known for its photojournalism and is one of the most widely read magazines of all time. First published in 1888, it is published in 29 languages and has a global circulation of 6.5 million per month. Its Instagram page has 216 million followers … the most of any account not belonging to an individual celebrity. (Hmmm. Maybe I should do a NatGeo puzzle giveaway and see what happens!)

Vikings  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

Leonardo Da Vinci |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

Too Good to Waste  |  New York Puzzle Company  |  1000 pieces

As you may have noticed, when it comes to puzzles that make the cover, no one does it better than New York Puzzle Company. In addition to creating high quality puzzles, 1% of the sale of each puzzle is donated to environmental non-profits to help create a healthy planet.

All that’s left for us is to sit back and wait for one of these magazines to feature “Puzzle of the Year” on one of their covers!

- Tracy @16feet

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