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What's in a Rainbow

It’s no secret that rainbows are loved by everyone. When we see a rainbow bedazzling the sky, we cannot resist grabbing a picture. If it’s a double rainbow, you know we are sharing that picture with everyone we know! And rainbow puzzles? We can’t resist those either!
What’s in a rainbow that makes them so irresistible? Let’s get into it!

For starters, rainbows bring a feeling of freedom and joy. The moment we notice a rainbow in the sky, our happiness-o-meter starts to crank up and we feel better than we did just a few moments ago.

Rainbow Bridge and Balloons  |  Kodak  |  550 pieces

Rainbows bring out the best in us. Rainbows gather single colors together and blend them to make something incredible that benefits everyone who sees it … just like all of us humans (and Lego people!).

Lego Minifigure Rainbow  |  Chronicle Books  |  1000 pieces

Rainbows help us imagine what could be. They represent new possibilities. Rainbows show us that when we cooperate, we can create something new.

Rainbow Umbrellas  |  Buffalo Games  |  300 pieces

Rainbows provide us with a new perspective on life. As a kid, I was convinced that I could find the “end of the rainbow” and the “magic” waiting there, if I could just get my Mom to drive until we found where the rainbow touched the earth! Now I like to think about how that feeling of excitement, and the expectation of good things up ahead, is the real magic of the rainbow.

Blue Stars  |  Buffalo Games  |  300 pieces

Rainbows are also a symbol of hope during hard times. There is something soothing and comforting about the color gradient that creates the feeling that things will work out.

Rainbow Forests  |  Heye  |  1000 pieces

Rainbows carry with them a sense of protection. They remind us that we are safe in the world.

Rainbow Bear  |  Indigenous Collection  |  500 pieces

There was a time in my life when I felt alone and afraid in the world. Now I’ve come to realize that I am connected to many people who care about me and who support me. Even people I don’t know care about me as a fellow human. It turns out I am not alone, and knowing that I am supported by others is comforting and reassuring.

Love Wins  |  Rose Art  | 1000 pieces

It’s easy to see why rainbows and rainbow puzzles are so popular. I love the feeling of happiness, comfort, and inspiration that I feel everytime I sit down with a rainbow puzzle.

Rainbow Hearts  |  Willow Creek Press  |  500 pieces

Until next time, keep a rainbow in your heart and a rainbow on your puzzle table!


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