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Brain Teasers? Yes Please!

Not only do I love jigsaw puzzles, but I love all things puzzle and game related. This month I'd like to share some of the cool puzzle adjacent items a.k.a. brain teasers available at Puzzle Warehouse. These brain teasers are not only good for helping keep your brain active, they can also be almost meditative and they are excellent for fidgety fingers.

Brain teasers are always something fun to have out on a desk or coffee table, especially good looking ones. "Safecracker 50" meets that criteria. It is based on a puzzle created in 1911 called "The Great Burglar". It's a nice looking wooden puzzle with rotating discs. The goal is to line up the numbers so that each of the 16 columns add up to 50. "Safecracker 50" is 5" in diameter and is rated 5 out of 6 for difficulty.

"Giant Puzzle" is a wooden puzzle with 25 colored and numbered pieces that is similar to Sodoku. Like Sodoku, the goal is to arrange the pieces so no color or number is repeated in any row, column or diagonally. Giant Puzzle is rated 5 out of 6 for difficulty.

"Hexagon 10" is more similar to a traditional puzzle. It has 10 different hexagonal pieces and the object is to fit them all into the base. This puzzle has a 3D look to it and is made from alder wood, so it's another good looking puzzle to have sitting on your coffee table. "Hexagon 10" is rated 3 out of 6 for difficulty.

"Cats and Dogs with Cover" is an eight piece puzzle that looks deceptively simple. The object is to fit all eight of the cats and dogs into the frame. The pieces are a beautiful 1/4" thick and made of various types of wood (at least 4 kinds per puzzle!). This puzzle is 7"×7"×.5" and is rated 3 out of 6 for difficulty.

My favorite brain teaser from Puzzle Warehouse would have to be "Stomachion". It is based on a puzzle that was created by Archimedes in ancient Greece, how cool is that? This is a 14 piece dissection puzzle that forms a square. If you enjoy tangrams, you'll love this puzzle. You can use the 14 acrylic pieces to form the original square (536 different ways) or try to assemble one of the other 19 included figures using all of the pieces. This is a great looking 7"×7" puzzle, the cover is laser engraved with the puzzle name and a bit of information about it. It is rated level 5 out of 6 for difficulty.

If you're new to brain teasers or just can't decide which one to try, the "Curated Collection" is the perfect option for you. This set includes five different puzzles, each one representing an ancient civilization. These small puzzles are made of metal and wood and are made to look like ancient artifacts. An attractive knick-knack for your desk or bookshelf.

Brain teasers are a great way to flex your brain muscle and Puzzle Warehouse has an ample selection. If your curiosity is piqued and you'd like to see what else is available, just click hereI think you'll enjoy adding some of these brain teasers to your puzzle collection! 

Happy puzzling - Angel @endless.puzzles

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