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Brand Spotlight: Enwood Games

Established just over a year ago (February 2021), Enwood Games is one of the newest brands available at Puzzle Warehouse. I spoke with the owner, Francisco, who told me that he has been a puzzler for as long as he can remember. He wanted to create a company that focuses on publishing the art of emerging artists around the world. He also pushes the business to think outside the box and come up with new innovations with puzzles. In fact, he keeps a notebook with him at all times so he can jot down ideas whenever they come to him. 

What’s really neat about Enwood Games is the variety of puzzle styles. The 1000 piece puzzles feature a traditional ribbon cut. The pieces are a perfect 2mm in thickness and printed with a glossy finish to enhance the vibrancy of the colors. I especially love Dragon Valley which has the illustration created on “dragon scales”. It is a very creative and fun image. 

Dragon Valley | Enwood Games | 1000 pieces

The 500 piece puzzles have a random cut, which is my personal favorite style. I have Lillies and Light on my Puzzle Warehouse wishlist. I love everything about this one - the art, the colors, the piece shapes, and the matte finish.

Lillies and Light | Enwood Games | 1000 pieces

But, what I really want to talk about is the 224 piece Honeycomb collection. These pieces are the height of creativity and luxury. The cut is a hexagonal “honeycomb” style. I have never seen cardboard puzzles with this piece style! There is also a soft touch which makes the tactile experience even more enjoyable. As soon as I saw those pieces, I knew I had to have both puzzles. 


Immediately when my package of the puzzles arrived, I opened up the puzzle boxes to check out the pieces. This is one of my traditions when I am trying a new brand - I need to check out the quality of the pieces right away. The pieces came inside a cloth drawstring bag! How amazing is that?!? There’s also a poster that is the same size as the puzzle itself.


I was most drawn to the eyes of Land of Idyll. So did that first. 

I found the center section with the sky to be the most difficult but it didn’t take too long to finish.

With Antarctic Holiday, I took a different approach and did the edges first. Then I focused on the larger penguins at the bottom of the art.


From there, I decided I wanted to do the colorful Northern Lights next and put the sky together.

Finally, then I filled in the center portion where you can spot some penguins taking a ride on a whale’s back. But my favorite parts were the penguins swimming underwater and the walruses on the ice. 


Antarctic Holiday really packs in many fun details!

It is very rare that I keep a puzzle with the intention of doing it over and over. However, that is exactly my plan with these 2 Enwood Games puzzles. 

Have you ever seen a cardboard puzzle with uniquely shaped pieces?

Happy Puzzling!

Diane - aka Bizzle’s Puzzles

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