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Buy More Puzzles-You’re Doing Everyone a Favor

Hello Fellow puzzle enthusiasts!!! My name is Jaime and I’m super excited to have been selected as Puzzle Warehouse’s 2023 Jigsaw Junkie Puzzle Ambassador. Yay! This blog is all about why you should buy more puzzles…but, before I go on and give you a gazillion reasons why you “need” (that’s right, need) more puzzles, I wanted to introduce myself. I’m an introverted and quirky puzzler born and raised in New Jersey, but live in sunny Florida. I have lots of favorite puzzles, but hands-down my favorite puzzles are gradients and basically any puzzle that I really enjoy putting together. For my real job I’m a school counselor (wish I could puzzle all day as my job, but you know bills and stuff). When I was studying to become a school counselor, the importance of self-care was emphasized, especially when you have a stressful job. So, this little tidbit is what inspired this rant.

 Are you tired of your non-puzzling friends and family giving you that look (you know the look) when you buy yet another puzzle? Do they not get that it’s not a “want” thing, but a “need” thing. Trust me. I get it. You need it, right? I mean, you can’t help it if you have an eye for beautiful artwork and a strong appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into puzzles and their piece cuts. But let’s be real, these non-puzzlers just don’t get it. 

Puzzles go beyond a mere hobby. They support your memory, ability to concentrate, and your skills with space relations. But more importantly, participating in activities and hobbies that you enjoy on a daily basis is part of how you practice self-care and self-care is good for you. In fact, you’re actually doing your non-puzzling friends and family a favor, because by practicing self-care you can reduce your stress, improve concentration, and make yourself a happier human overall; which frankly will bring indirect joy to those around you. Besides…why must we justify our right to purchase puzzles with our hard-earned money while simultaneously practicing self-care which is beneficial to everyone? 

Lucky for you, Laurence King Publishing makes a series of puzzles specifically for mindfulness…pretty cool, huh? This series contains puzzles such as The Puzzle of CalmThe Puzzle of Happiness, and The Puzzle of Hopefulness among others. I mean if this doesn’t scream relaxation, I don’t know what will. 

Each of these puzzles have that gradient vibe that I love and the colors relate to the feelings that they’re intended to invoke. 

The Puzzle of Calm has serene, soft blue colors with subtle rows of pale pink clouds that was a cotton-candy kind of palette. 

Putting this together evoked the feeling of serenity. The muted tones were easy on my eyes and the puzzle was just a gentle breeze to put together. I know, sound like a commercial. 

I was also lucky enough to complete The Puzzle of Happiness. This one had a different feel than The Puzzle of Calm. Its colors were more vivid and cheery as you can see. The yellow and pink color combo is my jam. It’s 100% happy colors hence the title. Honestly, the photos don’t do the colors justice. 

The shapes within the design of this puzzle make it more interesting to put together than if it were one solid gradient. Especially being it’s a smaller puzzle.

 Next up on my to-do list is The Puzzle of Hopefulness or maybe The Puzzle of Ecstasy. I’m “hopeful” that I’ll get this puzzle very soon (corny joke-I know, but I couldn’t help myself). Doesn’t it just feel like hopefulness???

I almost forgot to mention. In keeping with the self-care theme of these puzzles, they each come with an essay by Professor Susan Broomhall from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. This essay guides you through the emotions, their meanings, and how jigsaw puzzles stimulate emotions. See, there’s research-based proof as to why you NEED puzzles! 

These puzzles are only 150 pieces each and measure 6” x 8.25” -a perfect puzzle to take with you places. So, save some room in your luggage next time you’re flying or traveling anywhere because they don’t take up much space.

To be honest, it really doesn’t matter whether you buy these specific puzzles or not. Heck, just buy what you love. Go ahead, purchase that puzzle you’ve been eyeing or that one that’s been sitting in your cart. So what if you have no more room on your shelf and a to-do pile of puzzles that’s taller than you are. Remember, you’re doing this to support those around you. : )   Afterall, it’s good for your mental health.

Make time to puzzle! 

Jaime @introvertedpuzzler

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