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The Elegance of the New Yorker Puzzle

Ahh, September. The last official day of summer may be September 23rd, but let’s face it: the moment the Labor Day cookout ends, the white clothing items are safely stowed away, and the first crisp breeze commences and cools the back of one’s neck – by then, it’s fall for all intents and purposes... CONTINUE READING

Fall into Football

Fall Into Football Season! Go Patriots!
🎶 I've been waiting all day for Sunday night 🎶 If you read this line, and sang it with the mental image of Carrie Underwood dancing in your brain, then YOU are my people. If you didn’t have that mental image, then you’re here to read about puzzles, and that makes YOU my people, too! Yup, you guessed it. I am going to nerd out on football themed puzzles with you today. Go New England Patriots! 

Football season is upon us! Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights just got so exciting again. Bring out the chips, salsa, chili, friendly rivalry, and most importantly… bring out the puzzles! ...CONTINUE READING

Moving Mountains

They say that when you move mountains, you can make the impossible possible.  In other words, you can achieve something you may not have thought you could initially.  I think it's safe to say that we avid puzzlers have an appreciation for the beautiful art that goes into puzzles.  I doubt any of you would buy a puzzle while thinking, "Wow, this is really ugly, let me go ahead and buy this puzzle so I can spend countless hours looking at the blah details of it while putting it together.". Yup, didn't think so...CONTINUE READING

scales and tails

It’s hard to deny a good cat or dog puzzle, but do you struggle with all that fur? For a change of pace, I decided to try out some scales instead and picked up some puzzles featuring reptiles. I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time with reptiles when I worked on my PhD, which focused on the impacts of stress in lizards. (Yes, lizards get stressed out too!)…CONTINUE READING

Artist Create the Magic

According to The History Makers, Annie Lee decided to pursue an art career at age 40. She earned her master’s degree after eight years of night classes while working at Northwestern Railroad as a clerk in the engineering department. Her railroad job inspired one of her most popular paintings, Blue Monday, which shows a woman struggling to get out of bed on a Monday morning. Her work is known for creating animated personalities even though the faces are painted without features. 

Annie passed away on November 14, 2014 at the age of 79... CONTINUE READING

Eliot's Awesome Cup

Hello there! Back in May, I took the social part of my Ambassador role to heart, and I threw a 150-guest backyard shindig. Fast-forward to very recently – several months post-party – when I was doing a little yardwork and I discovered a single remnant from the party that missed the compost bin and in doing so managed to delight, but not surprise, me...CONTINUE READING

Feeling Artistic

Anyone who has been puzzling for a while is likely to be familiar with several well known puzzle artists. These folk are household names among puzzlers, and have been prolific producers over the years. Experienced puzzlers can tell you, from a single glance, which of these artists created a particular scene, as each of them has developed a unique puzzle niche...CONTINUE READING


While my last month's blog topic was about speed puzzling, I also really love leisurely assembling challenging puzzles. Today I want to highlight a special collection of 3 puzzles released this year in 2023 from Pomegranate. They have this completely unique set of CIRCULAR puzzles...CONTINUE READING


One of the funnest, most age-old questions I noticed people love to ask after the formal “What’s your name?” and “What do you do for work?” is, “What’s your zodiac sign?” The best part is whether you believe in astrology or not, the conversation always turns interesting and entertaining - the comparison of traits amongst signs, compatibility of signs, or the listed traits that either describe you a tee or have it absolutely wrong. Whichever way the pendulum swings, I have always found it so fascinating to talk about astrology and to listen to people passionately take astrological signs to heart... CONTINUE READING

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