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In 1905 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a glass filled with flavored water and a stirring stick outside one winter night. It froze. The next morning he ran the glass under hot water and removed the ice pop using the stick as a handle. As an adult he made these for family and friends. In 1923 he filed for a patent for his invention, calling them Eppsicles, but his children called them “Pop’s sicles.” The name stuck and the rest is history. CONTINUE READING

Prior to 2019, I stuck to photography puzzles and never even considered illustrated puzzles. Pre-2019 Sarah had no idea what she was missing! Then a friend of a friend started posting photos on Instagram of these fun, bright illustrated eeBoo puzzles she was doing and her feed suddenly became my Pandora’s Box entry into the world of modern puzzles.  CONTINUE READING

We all have our favourite puzzle styles. Personally, I tend to love whimsical art styles, pretty colours and fun cartoon style images. I’ve done a lot of browsing of the Puzzle Warehouse range over the last few months and there was one particular puzzle that kept catching my eye, even though it didn’t fall into the usual categories of what I look for in a puzzle. CONTINUE READING

Puzzles are good for you. We’ve all heard that, but WHY are puzzles good for you? What makes them more than just a run-of-the-mill hobby or a way to pass the time? The secret is our friends dopamine and serotonin! So what exactly are dopamine and serotonin? Both are neurotransmitters, communicating messages between your brain and nerve centers throughout your body, and they can both act as hormones. CONTINUE READING

Hello, beautiful puzzle people! I’m not sure if you stay abreast of all the different weather patterns in the US, but this year, it was a wet spring in the PNW.  The temperature stayed in the 60’s for most of June and the rain seemed to want to stay forever! Now, if you’ve been with me (either here or on my IG) for a while, you would know that I am a straight up goblin girl. I love cloudy, cool days and my hoodies with leggings, so the extended PNW gloom into the summer months was a dream come true for me. CONTINUE READING

It's summertime and that means trying to find ways to keep kids (and sometimes ourselves) entertained. So for this month, I'd like to introduce you to a great way to spend some time with the whole family: Family Puzzles. Family puzzles are great because multiple ages or skill levels can work together to complete them. The puzzles are divided up into sections of three different piece sizes. Beginner puzzlers have large pieces, intermediate puzzlers have a medium size of pieces and experienced puzzlers can work the section with small (typical) piece sizes. CONTINUE READING

I often get asked as a veterinarian if I have a favorite patient. Now, I try to treat all of my patients as if they were a favored and loveable little ball of perfection. Sometimes it’s easy: puppies and kittens, no matter how sassy and intolerant they are of me, are always adorable and get many hugs and kisses! But sometimes it’s darn near impossible, when yet another land shark is trying to nibble off a finger or two, or a spicy tamale of a cat is plotting my demise. CONTINUE READING

Picture it, July 7, 2017, St. Louis, MO: I arrive at Puzzle Warehouse for the very first time. (Very excited and rocking very short hair!) I was beyond excited to browse the store and find new puzzles to try. One that immediately intrigued me was Wasgij. The description on the box said, "Don't puzzle what you see…" I was honestly intimidated but I loved the illustrations so I needed to purchase at least one. CONTINUE READING

Anie Maltais is the owner and founder of JaCaRou Puzzles in Quebec, Canada. We continue Part 2 of our interview and talk about die cuts, the raging debate between glossy vs. matte finish, and peculiar puzzle habits. CONTINUE READING


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