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On a snowy Saturday morning in November, puzzlers of all ages came together in Shelbyville, Indiana to participate in Puzzle Palooza, a speed puzzling competition hosted by and benefitting Shelby Senior Services. That’s right, I said speed puzzling. If you aren’t familiar with the topic, it is exactly what it sounds like and I’m here to tell you it is F-U-N! CONTINUE READING

November is National Aviation History Month, which propelled me to land the following puzzles onto my table! Aviation is near and dear to my husband’s heart, which means it holds a special place in mine as well. His father was a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force – his claim to fame was flying President Johnson’s helicopter after he was out of office. CONTINUE READING

One of the most challenging parts of your first year of veterinary school is anatomy- the class and the lab. Hours are spent learning new directional terms, bones, organs, muscles, nerves, arteries, and veins. Formaldehyde is ingrained in my nostrils forever. I’ve lost weeks and months of my life dissecting and studying, preparing and taking tests about every little minutia of the dog or cat or horse anatomy. CONTINUE READING

Windows and doors, entrances and exteriors, inviting or not! I think it’s my love for collages that draws me to this type of puzzle. I am always photographing doors and windows while travelling, always looking for new, interesting and different offerings. Windows, by Re-marks, is a fun collection of windows and cats. It has 1000 sturdy pieces made from recycled materials. CONTINUE READING

At over 100 years old, Gibsons is a part of the puzzle history. What I think is even cooler about the company is it remains family-owned. Founded by Harry Percy Gibson in 1919, Gibsons is now proudly run by his great-granddaughter Kate. This UK-based company creates games and puzzles that are a bit harder to find in the US but Puzzle Warehouse stocks plenty! CONTINUE READING

It’s spooky season!!! I love all things creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky... Wait, I think I’ve heard something like that before... Creature Feature was my first Hart Puzzle, and there was a lot of love to go around. Hart Puzzles mission statement, which is proudly displayed prominently on both the front/top and the back/bottoms of their boxes... CONTINUE READING

Every year I look forward to December when I do all Christmas-themed puzzles all month long. Here are some of the jigsaw puzzles I cannot wait to do in December. For 26 years, Ravensburger has released a limited edition Christmas puzzle. This year’s puzzle, Santa's Workshop, is a traditional Christmas scene packed with details. CONTINUE READING

For the month of October, I want to share one of my favorite kinds of jigsaw puzzles with you: murder mystery puzzles. These are great any time, but especially fun during this spooky time of year. And who better a subject for a good murder mystery than the Master of Suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock? CONTINUE READING

Most of you know that I’m an Australian puzzler. A lot of brands available in the US are either not available here or can be difficult and pricey to acquire. I’m so very grateful for the opportunity of being a 2022 Puzzle Warehouse Ambassador, as it has provided me with so many happy moments as I unbox puzzle brands that I’ve desired and have been so hopeful to try. CONTINUE READING

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