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I love Vermont Christmas Company puzzles!  No matter what your taste in puzzles or where you might want to take that next “puzzle stay-cation” you will have lots of options with this company.  Whether it’s a beach getaway, a quiet harbor, a European setting or a return to winter and Christmas, you will find a... CONTINUE READING

At the height of our COVID isolation some months ago I was close to running out of jigsaw puzzles. Ugly withdrawal was looming. I might have been forced to become productive – shampoo carpets, clean out cupboards. . . that sort of thing. Luckily a relative gifted me with Gamer’s Trove which is now once... CONTINUE READING

I have a confession to make. I'm a certified puzzle dragon. I'll buy a puzzle and sit on it forever. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have puzzles from at least 2 years ago that I haven't assembled yet. Some people may see that as a problem, I see it as my delightful pile... CONTINUE READING

As Jigsaw Junkies, we are all aware of the multitude of brain benefits that come with puzzling. One of the big benefits is doing puzzles can improve your memory. There have even been studies showing that brain exercises, such as assembling puzzles, can reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, or dementia. But... CONTINUE READING

Finally after a year, White Mountain puzzles are back in stock at Puzzle Warehouse. To celebrate the arrival of White Mountain puzzles coming back into the puzzle world, here is a fun one that is great to work on when you just don’t want to get anything done around the house. “Ready for a Drive”... CONTINUE READING

I simply cannot get enough mini puzzles! Everything is more adorable when it is tiny - puppies, toys, even people. I have several Pigment & Hue Mini puzzles. One thing I really love about mini puzzles is you can take them anywhere. The boxes are compact enough that you can stick them in a purse... CONTINUE READING

If Sheldon Cooper, of TV’s Big Bang Theory, were real he’d be telling me that it was time I paid proper attention to trains. I am not sure why Sheldon was obsessed with trains, but when you think about it, they led to the development of management as a profession and the creation of our... CONTINUE READING

For several months I watched it from afar. I was intrigued by the history of it. I lurked in the shadows trying to decide if I wanted another cutaway puzzle. Before I could decide, it would disappear. Apparently others were obsessed with this puzzle too. . . I kept checking and when it became available... CONTINUE READING

This week I had a need for color. We had just had about four straight days of rain and I needed a punch of chroma! I dug into my increasing crowded puzzle closet determined to find something to combat my dreary days. Behold! There it was, carefully organized next to......I'm kidding, it wasn't organized. In... CONTINUE READING


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