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There’s a new puzzle company in the house, the Puzzle Warehouse, and it’s name is Professor Puzzle.  What started out as a metal puzzle company sold at neighborhood markets quickly grew into a full fledged puzzle and game business. Professor Puzzle not only makes the Metal Earth products, but they also make wooden puzzles, and board games. I have to admit, I have never heard of this company before. CONTINUE READING

September is here and I am so ready for fall! "I Love Autumn" by Gibsons Puzzles is the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. "I Love..." is a series by illustrator Mike Jupp, they are cartoon scenes with lots of crazy stuff going on. You can see the beautiful autumn colors on the ribbon cut pieces. The pieces are a wonderful 2.2mm thick. CONTINUE READING

I’ve fallen into monster land, and I don’t want to get up! A monster land called Zozoville, to be exact. From a heart shaped undie wearing monster, to a fuzzy bucktoothed monster in an ill fitting house, this world has no shortage of ingenuity and creativity. Add in the clever modern day twist monsters like those seen in Jarantine or Selfie, and I have to believe there is an adorable Zozoville monster for each and every puzzler to fall in love with! CONTINUE READING

Ever make an offhand comment to someone about liking something and suddenly, everyone starts sending you stuff relating to that? That’s what happened with me and Volkswagen buses. I mentioned how cool they were and that I wanted to own one someday and the next thing you know I started getting all sorts of items with VW buses on them. Including the very first puzzle I ever did two and half years ago - this 1000-piece Eurographics puzzle, Funky Jam. CONTINUE READING

One of the plethora of things I love about puzzles is there are so many different styles. This month, I decided to try different styles of puzzles that feature parrots; and I challenge myself to go beyond a jigsaw puzzle and try something new. And so behind the journey, a tale of 4 styles of puzzles. CONTINUE READING

Once upon a time, in the world of Jan van Haasteren, Jumbo the elephant decided to leave the zoo and go shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables (Jumbo Goes Shopping). For some reason, this surprised a lot of people. They fell down in shock. They drove their cars and bicycles into things. In short, chaos ensued. But that’s a fairly common event in van Haasteren’s world. CONTINUE READING

Everything about Lucia Heffernan’s oil paintings of furry or feathered friends is infused with humor and charm. Getting to experience her delightful creations as a puzzle brought that silliness and fun to life right on my puzzling table. My latest foray into the funny animals world came to me through the Puzzle Warehouse Ambassador program. While not my first puzzle featuring Heffernan’s art, it was my first 1,000 piece of her work and it came with some unique challenges that I’ll share below. But first, just look at these Funny Bunnies! CONTINUE READING

I just completed this fun little 500-piece puzzle, The Potter’s Bench, put out by Lang. The artwork is by Susan Winget. There are a few pieces of her art available on puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse. From 300 -1000 pieces, something for everyone; all soft and colourful and fun. Susan’s dream when she first started her studio business was to earn enough to enable her to be an at home mom. CONTINUE READING

Hello out there, Puzzle World. I am writing this on a Sunday and I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. My family decided to go fishing and I decided to not go with them. Let me tell you, these days that I get to myself are delightful. I like to pad around the house in jammies, drink coffee, do puzzles and watch my stories. One of the few shows that I will rewatch ad nauseam is Bob's Burgers. CONTINUE READING

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