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Happy October puzzle friends! Guess what? I am NOT going to talk about Halloween puzzles. Threw ya for a loop there, didn’t I? We are going to talk about one of my favorite styles of puzzles that make me smile big every single time I do them. Glow in the dark puzzles! For the next few minutes I am going to geek out about puzzles that glow, and I hope by the end, you’ll be heading over to the Puzzle Warehouse site and filling your cart with all the glowy puzzles your heart desires...CONTINUE READING

What's Wrong with this Puzzles?

Hello there! What a month it’s been. I just got back from my first-ever trip overseas – to the world jigsaw puzzle contest. That trip, of course, followed several months of puzzle practice and neglecting my family. But I haven’t had time to write about it or even get my thoughts in order yet, so more on that next month. 

For today’s quick jaunt through the puzzleverse, I’d like to take a moment to focus on puzzles from the Warehouse that have, uh, issues. Specific issues that make me ask: What is wrong with this puzzle?...CONTINUE READING

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Fall Folaige Tour

No doubt about it—autumn is my favorite season. I’m no fan of heat and humidity and I sunburn in mere minutes, so I’m one of those people who can’t wait for the “ber” months to begin and the leaves to start turning. My only complaint about fall? It doesn’t last nearly long enough! Those beautiful reds, oranges and yellows fade far too fast, and I know it won’t be long before I’m trudging through snow instead of walking through a blanket of fragrant fallen leaves. Fortunately, I’ve found plenty of autumn-themed puzzles to stretch the season just a bit longer and enjoy some beautiful fall scenes any time. I won’t get away to enjoy the maples in Vermont or the aspens in Colorado this year, but I can still take my own fall foliage tour close to home and on my puzzle table!...CONTINUE READING

Holy Puzzle, Batman!

Puzzles For Comic Con

For fans of comic books and pop culture, there are two major highlights in the year – the advent of San Diego Comic Con in July, and New York Comic Con in October. As a lifelong comic book fan, I look forward each year to hearing the big announcements and news out of San Diego, but I’ve never had a chance to visit that convention live and in person. New York Comic Con, on the other hand, has been a staple of my October for the last ten years or so...CONTINUE READING


Mobi C Disc Replacement. Hopefully these words don’t mean a lot to many of you - but at the end of July, I ended up having this surgical procedure performed to alleviate pressure on a nerve in my neck, which has been causing a numb hand and mild pain radiating down my right arm for a year. Thankfully, as I’ve been recovering, I’ve been able to puzzle and puzzle and puzzle, and it has been a great way to pass the time!...CONTINUE READING

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Perks & Puzzles

September 29th is National Coffee Day with International Coffee Day following close on its heels on October 1st. If you, like me (and 150 million other Americans), love your coffee, then you’ll perk up when you hear that my blog article this month is on coffee-themed puzzles!... CONTINUE READING

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Puzzling is for the Birds

No question, my favorite place to put together puzzles is at the table in my travel trailer, where there’s a big window that provides plenty of natural light. Our annual camping spot is right next to a large mulberry tree, so I have bird feeders hanging just a few feet from where I sit and enjoy visits from my regulars—a few pairs of nuthatches, a variety of finches, downy, hairy, and red-headed woodpeckers, and of course, a squirrel or two! For me, it’s puzzling paradise!...CONTINUE READING

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I have always said that Autumn is my favorite season and I know I am not alone. Even though, today is technically the start of fall, for me fall starts around September 1st. Already, I have been well on my way to doing some of my fall puzzles. I am someone who likes to do a few puzzles for each season. However, I feel like my puzzling preferences when it comes to autumn puzzles, comes in stages...CONTINUE READING

New Fall Releases

Autumn Equinox, the first official day of fall, is on September 23rd this year.  Cooler days will soon arrive, so now's the perfect time to pull out your Ravensburger Puzzle Store or Jumbo's Portapuzzle and get ready for some fall puzzling.  Here are some great new picks from Puzzle Warehouse... CONTINUE READING

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