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Trefl has launched a line of wooden puzzles in 2022, and lots of the designs are available at Puzzle Warehouse! I’ve snatched up the cutest one, Colorful Puppy, with art by Dean Russo. This one, along with the majority of the line, are 500+1 piece, but there are a few 1000 designs as well. The packaging was a good sturdy cardboard box, nice and thick, and a pleasing square shape. The front features a full color image of the puzzle, and a sneak peek at some of the whimsy shapes included. CONTINUE READING

Happy December! The month of cold weather and snow (hopefully!), holiday decorations and delicious holiday food. And the month for gift giving! I figured this might be a great topic to discuss in December, as many of us may receive puzzles from friends or family members. If your friends and family are wise- they will ask for a puzzle wish list, as I know most of us tend to be picky puzzlers. CONTINUE READING

I not only love jigsaw puzzles, I love all things puzzle and game related. This month I'd like to share some of the cool puzzle adjacent items a.k.a. brain teasers available at Puzzle Warehouse. These brain teasers are not only good for helping keep your brain active, they can also be almost meditative and they are excellent for fidgety fingers. CONTINUE READING

December finds most children making lists of all the toys they want Santa to bring them but it finds me delighting in assembling puzzles that feature toys instead! My toy-themed tour starts with this 1000-piece Eurographics Ye Olde Toy Shoppe. This puzzle is urging us to go in by tempting us with an array of toys in the window, many of which were childhood favorites of mine including Pick-up Sticks, Etch a Sketch and Magnetic Wheel. CONTINUE READING

As puzzlers, we have a tendency to stick to niche image styles because we know what we like! During my last 12 months as a Puzzle Warehouse Ambassador, I’ve been sure to add puzzles to my wishlist that I wouldn’t normally puzzle, knowing they had a chance of being sent to me in my ambassador box. CONTINUE READING

I love trying brands that I have yet to try. When I visited Puzzle Warehouse, I picked up a 2 pack of Falcon de luxe Christmas puzzles called Santa’s Special Delivery. I am a big fan of Christmas puzzles. I always get at least one new one to do every year. It makes it even more special when it is a brand I haven’t tried before. CONTINUE READING

I was drawn to the beauty of the artwork on this puzzle ‘Prayers by the Lake’, part of the Indigenous Collection.  The scene is so colourful and calming. I was not prepared for how challenging it was to complete the swirls and waves. All worth it in the end and I can’t wait to begin more in this series! The puzzle box is sturdy with a full glossy image clearly displayed. CONTINUE READING

The very first puzzles I remember doing were Sesame Street tray puzzles from the 1970s. As I got older and transitioned from "baby" puzzles, I did many, many, many sea life puzzles. Bringing together the nostalgia from growing up, I decided to give Happy Dolphins by Wooden City a try. Wooden puzzles are a very different experience from cardboard. There is a wide price range depending on if you purchase laser cut (typically mass produced) or hand cut (intricately made by artisans who use a scroll saw to create the puzzle). CONTINUE READING

You know how an earworm will get in your head, and just make you go mad with the repeating melody or lyrics? Sometimes you don’t even realize it is happening until you find yourself in the middle of a task that is loosely related and it dawns on you. Well, for me it was a certain blonde lady who’s song, Bejeweled, was swiftly burrowed into my brain. CONTINUE READING

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