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In the last few months I’ve felt myself shift away from being a new puzzler to a more experienced puzzler.  I don’t think there’s a timeline as such for when this happens, but I feel like I can confidently choose my puzzles with regards to the experience I want to have.  If you happen to follow me on Instagram though, you’ll know for a fact I still slip up on a semi regular basis and the “relaxing and easy” puzzle often turns into a big joke, because the easiest part is opening the box. CONTINUE READING

I always love to get holiday themed puzzles that are specific to each holiday. So with Easter on the way, I was on the hunt for the perfect puzzle. When I came across the 1000 piece Easter Globe by SunsOut, I knew it was the one. I thoroughly enjoy shaped puzzles and the extra challenge they can sometimes present. CONTINUE READING 

Spring is in the air here in Eastern Canada! Finally! It has been a long cold winter and dreaming of the warm days ahead, I decided to redo a summer sunset scene, the 500-piece Springbok’s Barnyard Animals. This same picture, by artist Dona Gelsinger, is also available in 36 and 100 piece counts. Perfect for all ages. CONTINUE READING

Sorting is a hotly debated topic when it comes to puzzles. Some people sort and love it. Some people sort and hate it. Some people don’t sort at all. There are no rules. I love sorting. I love taking that time to plan my strategy and look at the details. One of the most popular questions I get is “how do you sort your pieces?”. So using Ultima Thule by Puzzlelife featuring the work of award-winning artist Jacek Yerka, I am going to walk through my strategy. CONTINUE READING

What is it about a puzzle that causes someone to say, “That was a GOOD puzzle,” rather than I’m so glad I finished that. Put it in the box and donate it to the thrift store!” I think it varies from one person to the next. That’s why there are so many different types of puzzles – something for everyone. Not much of an answer, I know. But it’s why it’s so difficult to buy a puzzle for someone else. Hint to family and friends: Gift cards please! CONTINUE READING

Lights, Camera, Action! It’s March, and in many parts of the country, that means it’s not quite warm enough to be out all the time, which can bring upon uhhh...madness. It is a good time to get away from those brackets and get out to see a movie, or still cold enough to cuddle up and stream one on the couch. Everyone has a favorite movie, or a brand/genre. Are you Team Superhero? Or on Team Princess? Maybe you’re into the classics like The Wizard Of Oz, or Alice In Wonderland. Whatever makes your corn pop, there is likely a puzzle out there for it. CONTINUE READING

I love all things unique and unusual, especially when it comes to puzzles! If there is something unusual about the puzzle shape, surface, material, or the overall puzzle experience, sign me up! CONTINUE READING

Just like Jigsaw Junkies very own puzzling master and loquacious comedian Gaby, I was raised on science fiction movies growing up. I can’t tell you how many times I got caught tip-toeing downstairs past my bedtime trying to sneak scenes from these action packed, gory, and definitely not kid approved movies. I think out of sheer will power, I wore my dad down and against his better judgment, he gave in one night and let me stay and watch. Did this impact my childhood? 100% YES! By the time I was nine, I was quoting Terminator Two and Aliens, and Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley were just some of my role models. CONTINUE READING

In honor of National Quilting Day tomorrow, I thought I would do some piecework myself – patching together some of the beautiful puzzles I’ve done – and want to do - that feature quilts.  I’ve noticed that a lot of puzzlers out there are avid crafters, but I have a confession to make. I am NOT one of them!  So why am I writing a blog about quilting and why do I have so many puzzles that feature them and other crafts? It’s because I WANT to craft. CONTINUE READING


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