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Is there anything better than puzzles and books? Maybe add a cup of coffee to the mix and it is my ideal way to spend a quiet day. I love listening to audiobooks while I put a puzzle together (pro tip: check your local public library to borrow audiobooks for free). What makes that even better is when the puzzle itself features books. I just finished my very first shaped Galison puzzle. I’ve done many Galison puzzles, but never a shaped one. Given my love for puzzles and books, there’s no shaped Galison more perfect for me than Blooming BooksCONTINUE READING 

In an attempt to answer this age-old question, to puzzle with or without the image, I have offered up my worlds okayest puzzling abilities (coined by @22pieces- check her out on Instagram, she’s awesome!) for this very controversial topic. I feel like this question could go down in history with the likes of: Stefan or Damen, Edward or Jacob, Dean/Jess/or Logan, B.Davis or P.Sawyer (I swear, I don’t just watch teenage angst drama shows/movies!). Now, I know most people have unshakable ideas about this question, so ‘put your dukes up, Beesly’, bc we’re going to delve deep. Are you ready? CONTINUE READING 

It's February, and that always makes me think of romance, pink stuff, and love. Although I'm not a big observer of Valentine's day, it is the perfect excuse for a new puzzle! And Paris is often referred to as the most romantic city in the world, so Paris Painting is the perfect 1000 piece puzzle for February! CONTINUE READING 

Have you ever taken a puzzle on a trip?!  A few years ago, I didn’t know that traveling with puzzles was even allowed! However, when I found out that many puzzlers take puzzles along when they travel, I jumped at the chance to take my puzzles out into the world! I’ve learned a few things in my travels (6 boxes of puzzles do not fit in most carry-ons)!

Here are some tips to make your next trip with puzzles a success: CONTINUE READING

Cobble Hill. If you say that to just about any puzzler, you’ll undoubtedly hear them exclaim: “I love Cobble Hill puzzles!”. Known for their beautiful images and random cut pieces, Cobble Hill is a popular brand in the puzzle community. Here in Australia, I tend to shop for puzzles in physical stores and for that very reason, it can take me quite a while to acquire many of the more common international brands. I have a wishlist a mile long of puzzle brands I want to try (I mean, don’t we all?). For the longest time, Cobble Hill has been sitting right at the top of that list. CONTINUE READING 

Happy New Year, Puzzle Fam!  Yes, I know that we’re about 4 weeks in, but in case you didn’t notice, it’s my first blog post of 2022! To celebrate that fact, I thought that I would spend this article writing about some of the puzzle brands that are new to Puzzle Warehouse.  I’m really excited about this, because they added some really amazing brands last year. Luckily, I’ve tried most of them, so I actually have an educated opinion. I’m not going to say that I deserve a PhD in Dissectology, but Harvard has yet to return my e-mails and I’m starting to think that they’re not taking me seriously. CONTINUE READING 

It’s a good day when just looking at a puzzle can make you smile. As I was browsing through the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse I found this adorable little guy just singing his heart out. It made me chuckle. You have just gotta love how this quartet gives their all to the song. CONTINUE READING 

We are in the depths of winter here in North America so it was definitely time to bring color - a lot of bold, bright colors - into my life. For my last Puzzle of the Month pick, I choose Pure by Clementoni. It is part of the very popular Color Boom collection. For me, gradients are always a relaxing way to puzzle. You may be thinking, “BUT THERE’S NO IMAGE?!?! How is that fun?!?” I am the type of person that loves to put a puzzle together by color. CONTINUE READING 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at Puzzle Warehouse? We caught up with one of our employees, Katy, to learn more about her job at our retail location in St. Louis, Missouri. CONTINUE READING 


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