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Welcome back to year 2 of July Mermaid blogs by your mermaid loving puzzle friend! Last year I waxed (semi) eloquently about my life goals matching very closely with some amazing mermaid puzzles- tiaras and pearl dripped bikini tops, crabby friends, and abalone-esque shell beds! CONTINUE READING

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The Fourth of July holiday always brings back a flood of great memories for me. All the years of state park picnics, watching huge fireworks displays over the lake with friends during college, and “drawing” designs in the air with sparklers as a little kid. (I guess no one knew those things burn at 2000 degrees back then!) The scorch marks from all the “snakes” we lit on my grandparents’ driveway were there for years! I’ve had so much fun putting together a plethora of patriotic-themed puzzles all month while I reminisce and look forward to this year’s 4th. CONTINUE READING

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Hello there! I had to take a break from puzzling to “be a parent,” but now I’m back to regular puzzling and my never-ending search of the Puzzle Warehouse catalog for the perfect practice puzzles for my upcoming trip to the world jigsaw puzzle contest.But I want to take a moment to acknowledge some puzzle mash-ups at the Warehouse that are unexpected and some that are just unexplainable. Never fear! I’ll take a shot at explaining them anyway. CONTINUE READING

June gloom is upon us and I must admit… I absolutely LOVE chilly, gloomy, and gray days. It's widely been known that Los Angeles, the place I call home, is all sunshine all the time. This has been true since the dawn of L.A.s inception. What people don’t know is that the last 3-4 years, Los Angeles has had a very gloomy and chilly June. As we speak, the weather has been hovering at 68 degrees. Wanna know a secret? CONTINUE READING

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Hi everyone! Have you ever seen an artist’s artwork and fallen in love with their style? I have, and I wanted to share one of the artists whose puzzle images I absolutely adore. If you aren’t familiar with the artwork of Nur Ashikin Hussin a.k.a Eureka, I’ll be showing you some of her artwork that’s been turned into puzzle images. Eureka is a Malaysian-based digital illustrator and artist who created the brand EurekartStudio to share her creations. Her artwork is colorful and comforting, full of magic and charm. CONTINUE READING

As we head into summer in the northern hemisphere, it is perhaps not surprising that folks are itching to spend time out in the sunshine and travel! Here on the Jigsaw Junkies blog, we’ve recently toured Paris and London, and I’m here to continue our European tour with another iconic city: Barcelona! I was fortunate enough to travel to Spain about fifteen years ago, and I’ve enjoyed reliving my travels through puzzles.  CONTINUE READING

Happy Flag Day

Have you ever stumbled across an article or list on social media that resembles “Things Europeans think are weird about the US”. On many of these lists they often point to our obsession with the American flag. “Patriotism isn't quite as strong in most European countries, and even when it is, people don't necessarily have the same attachment to their national flag.”  CONTINUE READING

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In June, in the United States, we celebrate the dads in our lives. And I’m here today to highlight some puzzles for the occasion. When I was a kid, my mom would take my sisters and me to the department store to pick out ties for my dad for Dad’s Day. I puzzled this Springbok puzzle, It’s a Tie, in his honor for Father’s Day 2021. CONTINUE READING

It’s hard to believe we’re already almost halfway through 2023. It feels somehow like I’ve blinked and, bam – it’s June! Around this time last year, I first met my ride-or-die NYC puzzle friends, the Puzzle People of NYC, and this year we’re celebrating the first major one-year milestone. Putting aside that celebration, June is always a favorite month of mine. My birthday is at the end of the month, and the lead-up is Pride Month, the annual fete dedicated to LGBTQIA+ pride, here in New York City and around the world. CONTINUE READING

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