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You know how an earworm will get in your head, and just make you go mad with the repeating melody or lyrics? Sometimes you don’t even realize it is happening until you find yourself in the middle of a task that is loosely related and it dawns on you. Well, for me it was a certain blonde lady who’s song, Bejeweled, was swiftly burrowed into my brain. CONTINUE READING

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It's the gift-giving time of year, so I thought it would be fun to create a list of 10 great gift ideas for the puzzlers in your life...or for those times when you want to treat yourself. First up is something I use often while puzzling, The Puzzle Box Stand. The nice thing about this particular stand is that it also has a slot to hold the picture you're working from. CONTINUE READING

The rains have begun here in the PNW and usually, my tastes veer to the colorful, just to make up for the lack there of. This year has been particularly jarring because we had warm, sunny weather for well into October when suddenly, the carpet was pulled out from underneath us and the seasonal cold and wet set in. Fall had arrived. Apparently, my puzzling proclivities didn’t get the memo, because the other week, during our first major storm of the season, I found a colorless puzzle on my table. CONTINUE READING

Sometimes you just can’t go past a fairy tale. A classic story or character is heartwarming and so many of us have a favourite. For me, it’s Alice in Wonderland. I’ve loved that story since I was a child and I find I’m instantly attracted to puzzles where Alice or anything involving Wonderland is the main event. I thought I’d take a little journey of my own through the Puzzle Warehouse website to see what puzzles are available for the fairy tale loving puzzlers out there. CONTINUE READING

The holidays are coming up and hopefully this year we’ll all be able to see family and friends. And while everyone is together, why not have a group jigsaw puzzle event?! Some people say that puzzling is not a group activity, but with a little creativity, even large groups can make puzzling together a fun game. CONTINUE READING

On a snowy Saturday morning in November, puzzlers of all ages came together in Shelbyville, Indiana to participate in Puzzle Palooza, a speed puzzling competition hosted by and benefitting Shelby Senior Services. That’s right, I said speed puzzling. If you aren’t familiar with the topic, it is exactly what it sounds like and I’m here to tell you it is F-U-N! CONTINUE READING

November is National Aviation History Month, which propelled me to land the following puzzles onto my table! Aviation is near and dear to my husband’s heart, which means it holds a special place in mine as well. His father was a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force – his claim to fame was flying President Johnson’s helicopter after he was out of office. CONTINUE READING

One of the most challenging parts of your first year of veterinary school is anatomy- the class and the lab. Hours are spent learning new directional terms, bones, organs, muscles, nerves, arteries, and veins. Formaldehyde is ingrained in my nostrils forever. I’ve lost weeks and months of my life dissecting and studying, preparing and taking tests about every little minutia of the dog or cat or horse anatomy. CONTINUE READING

Windows and doors, entrances and exteriors, inviting or not! I think it’s my love for collages that draws me to this type of puzzle. I am always photographing doors and windows while travelling, always looking for new, interesting and different offerings. Windows, by Re-marks, is a fun collection of windows and cats. It has 1000 sturdy pieces made from recycled materials. CONTINUE READING

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