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Feeling Artistic

Anyone who has been puzzling for a while is likely to be familiar with several well known puzzle artists. These folk are household names among puzzlers, and have been prolific producers over the years. Experienced puzzlers can tell you, from a single glance, which of these artists created a particular scene, as each of them has developed a unique puzzle niche...CONTINUE READING


While my last month's blog topic was about speed puzzling, I also really love leisurely assembling challenging puzzles. Today I want to highlight a special collection of 3 puzzles released this year in 2023 from Pomegranate. They have this completely unique set of CIRCULAR puzzles...CONTINUE READING


One of the funnest, most age-old questions I noticed people love to ask after the formal “What’s your name?” and “What do you do for work?” is, “What’s your zodiac sign?” The best part is whether you believe in astrology or not, the conversation always turns interesting and entertaining - the comparison of traits amongst signs, compatibility of signs, or the listed traits that either describe you a tee or have it absolutely wrong. Whichever way the pendulum swings, I have always found it so fascinating to talk about astrology and to listen to people passionately take astrological signs to heart... CONTINUE READING

Positivity Promotion puzzle intro

Tell me something. Can you think of any reason why anyone wouldn’t want a little positivity in their life? Well, I surely can’t which brings me to my inspiration for this month’s blog topic-Positivity Promoting Puzzles! (Say that three times fast.) I’ve had the pure delight of delving into all the puzzles that can inspire, uplift, and just put a smile on someone’s face AND they all happen to be Galison puzzles- one of my favorite puzzle companies…CONTINUE READING

Random Cut

21. Yes I counted. I have 21 Cobble Hill puzzles. Now. This number may not seem like a lot, but I have never done a Cobble Hill puzzle before! Don’t get me wrong, its not because I haven’t wanted to. Clearly, I have no problems finding Cobble Hill puzzles that I want to do. But for some reason, none have actually ever made it onto my puzzle board. So. In honor of cobble hill puzzles, I decided I wanted to do one this month! And what better way to incorporate them into a blog, then to discuss random cut puzzles!!!...  CONTINUE READING

Confession time – I am a festival, fairs and fun park freak! Growing up in CT, I volunteered annually for our school carnival. I also eagerly awaited the Danbury Fair every year when we would get the day off from school to attend. At Florida State University to earn my degree in Leisure Services (a fancy name for recreation) I had to do two work studies. My favorite, hands down, was with the Special Events Department where I helped the City of Tallahassee with their festivals. Today, the fun continues with me literally living in Disneyworld’s back yard – I can view the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks from my home nightly – and I often host team building events there. I guess it was only a matter of time that festivals, fairs and fun parks would surface in my blog!... CONTINUE READING

Darrel Bush Spotlight

The summer months are a perfect time to visit the lake, sit on the dock or take out a canoe, and finish out the day with s'mores around a campfire. Although the opportunities to actually go to the lake may not be as frequent as I would like, I really enjoy reminiscing about days on the lake and feeling the lake vibes with the fabulous artwork of Darrell Bush. Buffalo Games carries quite a few puzzles with his art, and it is perhaps no surprise that I have amassed quite a few of them! …CONTINUE READING

Peace, Love & Puzzles

Even though I was born too late to be part of the 60s hippie culture, I think I’ve always been a bit of a flower child at heart. Since August is the month the Woodstock Art and Music Festival was held (in 1969) and also happens to be when Hippie Fest is held in my town for a weekend, it seemed like the perfect time for some peace, love and puzzles with a nostalgic bohemian vibe...  CONTINUE READING

World Jigsaw Puzzle Championships

The World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship will be taking place September 20-24, 2023 in Valladolid, a city approximately 200km northwest of Madrid, Spain. In 2022 the US Jigsaw Puzzle Association (USAJPA) sent members to compete for the first time. I watched my friends in real time through the livestream on YouTube and it was so exciting - I couldn’t believe something like this exists! Then last fall, the USAJPA held a National event which I was able to attend in San Diego, CA. I have officially been bitten by the speed puzzling bug and have decided to travel to Spain for Worlds... CONTINUE READING

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