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It was always the best news when us kids learned we were going to that one pizza place with the mini-arcade in the back. What better combination than stuffed crust and slashing through the foot clan as our favorite Ninja Turtles? Even though that pizza place is long gone, the allure of arcades is still strong. My local options are disappointingly nonexistent, which is surprising considering I live in a college town (how is there not a barcade!?). CONTINUE READING

Happy February Puzzle Fam! This month is starting out sunny and cold, but don’t you worry, the PNW rains aren’t gone for too long. The weather report says we have at least a week of rain coming up. It can get kind of oppressive, but the rains fill our lakes and rivers and keep our mountains snow covered. In fact, one of this state’s crowning glories is a beautiful, glacial topped mountain. I read somewhere that the glacial soil lends itself to our glorious farmland here. CONTINUE READING

Remember boom boxes, walk mans, and pagers?  How about a time when Nirvana wasn’t considered Classic Rock?  I know I’m totally dating myself with this post, but I don’t care. I think that I grew up in the best era ever! Neon, fanny packs, I could go on and on. In high school, we didn’t have cell phones, we took a piece of notebook paper, wrote a note on it and folded it up in creative little ways to give to our friends. CONTINUE READING

For over 25 years, MasterPieces has been creating a variety of high-quality puzzles, games, crafts, and more. MasterPieces has continued to innovate and develop puzzles that capture the world's beauty in every piece. From 24 pieces to 5000 pieces with an array of images and creativity, there is a piece for everyone with MasterPieces puzzles. Let’s take a closer look at 3 of their puzzles - Neuschwanstein Balloons 300PC EZ Grip Puzzle, Santa Paws 500 PC Sparkle and Shine Puzzle, and Farmer’s Market 1000 PC Premium Puzzle. CONTINUE READING

Verily, Puzzle Warehouse dissectologists, a pleasing puzzle hath I completed anon! Oops, sorry, I forgot for a moment that the 21st century was well underway. I got lost in a beautiful 1000-piece Shakespearean puzzle by Ravensburger called Windsor Wives, with intricate, texture-rich artwork by the prolific puzzle illustrator Peter Church. Before we go any further, I suppose I ought to introduce myself. CONTINUE READING

Hello there! I’m so. incredibly. excited. to be your Ambassador! It is an honor; and following in the footsteps of Henry Kissinger, Marie Yovanovitch, and all the fine members of the U.S. Foreign Service, I plan to do my best to represent the capable, diverse, and innovative people of this country in my goings on across the world with dignity and grace. Overflowing buckets of grace. CONTINUE READING

Are puzzle accessories necessary for a great puzzling experience? Can’t you just dump a puzzle out and get going? Picture this – You are sitting at your dining room table. It’s nap time for the kids and you’ve got a little bit of time, so you grab your favorite hot beverage and a brand new puzzle. You dump your puzzle on to the table and decide to start sorting out your pieces by grabbing the edges and forming the perfect little piles of sections you want to target. CONTINUE READING

Hi there! I’m Alyssa, and I’m so excited to be a 2023 Puzzle Warehouse Ambassador! Welcome to my very first blog post! I have loved puzzles of ALL kinds since I was young, but I found a more social aspect of enjoying jigsaw puzzles when I started my Instagram account @puzzlesatoz (that’s A to Z, for my initials! AZ! Although frequent interpretations also include puzzles at oz and puzzles atoz). This month I get to review the 160 piece 3D Mandalorian Helmet by 4D Cityscape Inc. CONTINUE READING

My name is Michaela, and I have a puzzle problem, which is the best problem to have. I started puzzling before I can remember, and competed in my first speed puzzling event in 2016. Since then, I have been a part of many wonderful teams and have some awesome puzzle awards. I also helped coordinate and host the We Heart Puzzle competition and raffle in February 2021, as a way to take my mind off of heart testing I was going through at the time. CONTINUE READING

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