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Over the years I have done a few Anatolian puzzles. Each one that I have done has had very unique and different art. Anatolian is the trademark of the Perre Group, whose corporate headquarters are located in Turkey. In fact, Anatolian is the first puzzle company in Turkey. In general, I stick with 1,000 pieces... CONTINUE READING

Hello Puzzle People! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. I had a blast and spent the day with good friends, good food and amazing pyrotechnics. I took the next day off for a little self care and much hydration and debated what puzzle I would do for this blog. The answer came... CONTINUE READING

Last fall a reader commented on one of my posts that she couldn’t find Christmas puzzles from her favorite brands since they were sold out everywhere she looked. Thank goodness last year was unique in the puzzle world (to say the least) and inventory has since improved. But that got me thinking that Christmas shoppers... CONTINUE READING

My Rating: 9/10 Merry Christmas in July to all my fellow Jigsaw Junkies. It's time to dust off those Christmas puzzles and get busy. Well truth be told I pretty much assemble Christmas puzzles year round , I just can't seem to stop my self, lol. Can you blame me really, with so many beautiful... CONTINUE READING

A few years ago, I tried to do the Hogwarts - Astronomy Tower, an 875-piece 3D puzzle from Wrebbit3D. I got a few sections assembled, but I struggled so much and was not enjoying the process. So I boxed it up with the intention to try again in the future. However, I have not reopened it... CONTINUE READING

My very first post for Jigsaw Junkies happened to be a piece on a shaped puzzle by Galison (aka Chronicle Books) Today I am revisiting Galison's shaped puzzles with the lovely Jonathan Adler Rainbow Hand. I think I got this puzzle last March. I had tried to buy it so many times, but with the... CONTINUE READING

I must say that all that glitters are gold. The other day I was looking through my collection of puzzles and stumbled upon a glitter puzzle. I haven't assembled a glitter puzzle in a while and so I was excited to get started. I will admit that when I purchased my first glitter puzzle... CONTINUE READING

I love Vermont Christmas Company puzzles!  No matter what your taste in puzzles or where you might want to take that next “puzzle stay-cation” you will have lots of options with this company.  Whether it’s a beach getaway, a quiet harbor, a European setting or a return to winter and Christmas, you will find a... CONTINUE READING

At the height of our COVID isolation some months ago I was close to running out of jigsaw puzzles. Ugly withdrawal was looming. I might have been forced to become productive – shampoo carpets, clean out cupboards. . . that sort of thing. Luckily a relative gifted me with Gamer’s Trove which is now once... CONTINUE READING


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