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Hello out there in puzzle land!  It's been a hot minute since my last puzzle musing, but I'm back and ready to talk dissectology!  On the board today is a new to me brand, Workman Publishing.  This company was founded in 1968 and is now the largest trade book publisher in the US!  Thankfully for us, they don't just publish books, Workman puts out a pretty fantastic puzzle as well.  Today's puzzle is called "The Illustrated Herbiary: California Poppy". CONTINUE READING 

I had planned to write about something else this time, BUT. . . . I recently ordered a HQ Kites & Design wooden puzzle for my Puzzle of the Month selection. When I received and assembled it, all my plans changed. CONTINUE READING 

Happy October - Spooky Season is finally here! Since my last post, I visited the one and only Puzzle Warehouse. Not only did I go to the retail store (where I went live on Instagram and had help picking some new puzzles), but I also visited the actual warehouse. Puzzles as far as the eye... CONTINUE READING 

My Rating: 9/10 Time flies when you're having fun, and boy did I have fun with these two exceptional puzzles from Piatnik. Welcome to all my fellow Jigsaw Junkies, there's no time like the present for a fun filled day of puzzling, and I promise you will have tons of fun with both these puzzles... CONTINUE READING 

The weather here in the PNW has definitely taken a turn for the fall lately. The gray days are outnumbering the sunny, the rainy days have definitely increased and the wind has gotten decidedly blustery. While I'm a huge fan of gray, blustery days (scarves, hot toddys and soups are my jam), the gray mixed... CONTINUE READING 

Before I tell you all about the new brand, Goodway Puzzles, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate! It's officially been a year since I began contributing to Jigsaw Junkies. Also celebrating is the hilarious and informative Gaby (check out her latest Pomegranate review here). Thank you to everyone who joined in the celebration... CONTINUE READING 

September is always a bittersweet time of the year. On the one hand, I'm sad that summer is going to be over. By this time, we have usually had our last camping trip of the year and temperature starts to get colder. You can start to smell the rain in the air and the leaves... CONTINUE READING 

As I was researching information about Cobble Hill puzzles I ran across their Family Pieces Collection. These puzzles have three different sized pieces – large, medium, and small. Puzzlers of varying age or skill can work together on these puzzles. I wasn’t sure I understood how these would work, so being forever curious I ordered... CONTINUE READING 

Title: "Country Blessing" by Abraham Hunter  | Publisher: White Mountain (USA)  | Release Date: April 1 2019 | Piece Count: 1000 | Piece Finished Size 24"x 30" (61cm x 76cm) My Rating: 9/10 I love seasonal puzzles. They are definitely some of my favorite puzzles to assemble. Fall puzzles are especially vibrant with all the fall foliage and... CONTINUE READING

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