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As I was researching information about Cobble Hill puzzles I ran across their Family Pieces Collection. These puzzles have three different sized pieces – large, medium, and small. Puzzlers of varying age or skill can work together on these puzzles. I wasn’t sure I understood how these would work, so being forever curious I ordered... CONTINUE READING 

Title: "Country Blessing" by Abraham Hunter  | Publisher: White Mountain (USA)  | Release Date: April 1 2019 | Piece Count: 1000 | Piece Finished Size 24"x 30" (61cm x 76cm) My Rating: 9/10 I love seasonal puzzles. They are definitely some of my favorite puzzles to assemble. Fall puzzles are especially vibrant with all the fall foliage and... CONTINUE READING

I shared my latest haul from Puzzle Warehouse on Instagram in July and asked which puzzle I should review. Overwhelmingly, Care Bears Care-A-Lot had the most votes. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at USAopoly and Care Bears Care-A-Lot. USAopoly, aka The OP, began with the idea of putting a hometown spin on... CONTINUE READING

Lately, when I been deciding what puzzles to write about for this blog, I find myself choosing new brands or at least puzzle styles that I haven't done before. Today, that brand is Trefl, and more specifically, their crazy shapes collection. Trefl is a toy company based in Poland that was started in 1985. It... CONTINUE READING

When the Volkswagen Bug came to the U.S. my father bought one in the late 1950’s. It’s hard to describe how different, how bare-bones and stark these cars were – tiny brake and clutch pedals, and no padded dashboards. These cars were so small and with the engine in the back! Unheard of at the... CONTINUE READING

My Rating: 9/10 Merry Christmas in July to all my fellow Jigsaw Junkies. It's time to dust off those Christmas puzzles and get busy. Well truth be told I pretty much assemble Christmas puzzles year round , I just can't seem to stop my self, lol. Can you blame me really, with so many beautiful... CONTINUE READING

Over the years I have done a few Anatolian puzzles. Each one that I have done has had very unique and different art. Anatolian is the trademark of the Perre Group, whose corporate headquarters are located in Turkey. In fact, Anatolian is the first puzzle company in Turkey. In general, I stick with 1,000 pieces... CONTINUE READING

Hello Puzzle People! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. I had a blast and spent the day with good friends, good food and amazing pyrotechnics. I took the next day off for a little self care and much hydration and debated what puzzle I would do for this blog. The answer came... CONTINUE READING

Last fall a reader commented on one of my posts that she couldn’t find Christmas puzzles from her favorite brands since they were sold out everywhere she looked. Thank goodness last year was unique in the puzzle world (to say the least) and inventory has since improved. But that got me thinking that Christmas shoppers... CONTINUE READING

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