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Buffalo Games offers a wide variety of images from landscapes to animals to gradient artwork. The pieces are sturdy and there aren’t typically many false fits. There are a variety of piece shapes, including a special zig-zag shape that is unique to the brand. Buffalo carries a variety of piece counts and some puzzles come in multiple piece counts. They license art of popular movies and characters such as Marvel and Star Wars. They also work with artists to commission artwork for their puzzles... CONTINUE READING

Please give a warm welcome to the 2023 Puzzle Warehouse Jigsaw Junkies Ambassadors... CONTINUE READING

I’m always looking for something new and different, a bit of a challenge, in my next puzzle.  And I found just that at Puzzle Warehouse!  A puzzle called “Puzzle Twist, Mixed Up”.   It was described as “Within this Mixed Up! series jigsaw puzzle you'll piece together a variety of Nebraska historical moments painted by... CONTINUE READING

With the holidays right around the corner and the expected shipping delays, there's no time to waste picking your holiday gifts. Puzzle Warehouse has been busy stocking new puzzles and brands! Here are a few of my favorite new releases from Puzzle Warehouse. CONTINUE READING

I was an elementary-junior high teacher in a former life and used puzzles in my classroom because I believe children learn a lot of valuable skills when putting together age-appropriate puzzles. In additional to physical and mental skills, they also learn persistence and the joy of accomplishment. So I introduced my granddaughter to puzzles when... CONTINUE READING

Halloween is here and who better to usher us in than the Master of Macabre himself, Edward Gorey! His wonderfully unsettling images were always a source of great joy to me. I still own a copy of his "The Gashlycrumb Tinies" that I actually read to my children. I also remember with great fondness his... CONTINUE READING

It wouldn't feel like Halloween without assembling a Halloween puzzle. Puzzle Warehouse has a great selection of Autumn and Halloween themed puzzles. The one I am reviewing here is currently out of stock, but there are several similarly themed puzzles. Because this year is unprecedented, I am really wanting to assemble cute/happy puzzles. Here are... CONTINUE READING

My Rating: 9/10 Happy Halloween to all of you jigsaw junkies. I hope you all had a great Halloween and enjoyed some good treats. Well as I mentioned in my previous review I love seasonal puzzles. We simply couldn't let Halloween pass without a review of this stunning specialty shaped puzzle. This puzzle when assembled... CONTINUE READING

Charles Wysocki. That name has been synonymous with puzzles since at least the 1990's. I think it's safe to say that the man is a puzzle institution. I actually bought this puzzle last year around November. Halloween had come and gone and I still hadn't found a keeper Halloween puzzle. You know what I'm talking... CONTINUE READING


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