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Have you ever stepped completely outside of your comfort zone and tried an incredibly unique puzzle? That’s exactly what I did recently. On Black Friday, I spent far too long browsing the Puzzle Warehouse site to take advantage of the great deals. One of the puzzles I picked up was a lenticular puzzle from Artgame... CONTINUE READING

No, not really, that has never happened . . . but if anything could turn me speechless, these puzzles would have a shot at it. They are something else. I had seen the Wasgij puzzles at the Puzzle Warehouse and wondered about them. They looked strange. Being a curious person I investigated. I learned that... CONTINUE READING

Hello, Puzzle Friends! As promised, I'm back to talk to you about Springbok Puzzles. If you're an avid puzzler, (and since you're on this blog, I'm going to assume you are,) you've more than likely assembled a puzzle by Springbok. I'd like to think of them as underrated gems. They're not as fancy as Ravensburger... CONTINUE READING

Step into my Library said the spider to the.... Oops! Sorry! Wrong story. . . .  I love books! Smart phones are handy, computers are my friends, but books? Books are just special. So when I found several puzzles with books I was delighted. Books and puzzles? This was my lucky day! If you’ve ever... CONTINUE READING

For my Puzzle of the Month pick, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and do a collage puzzle. And not even a colorful one, but one that is mostly black and white. Let me introduce you to Banksy Graffiti from Hart Puzzles. This (sold out) 1000-piece puzzle measures 24”x 30” when completed... CONTINUE READING

My Rating: 9/10 Merry Merry to all my fellow Jigsaw Junkies. Tis the season to tinsel the tree and strategically hang the mistletoe. Let the holiday decorating frenzy begin. If your anything like me you could decorate for days. Well your in for a big treat folks, because I have a wonderful new edition to... CONTINUE READING

What is it about a rainbow, gradient or any such type of color explosion puzzle that we love so much?  If you scroll through Facebook or Instagram, you’ll find that posts with these puzzles have a larger amount of likes than other posts. It is that we are naturally drawn towards more colorful images?  Do... CONTINUE READING

In the past I have bought Ravensburger Christmas puzzles for my family to work on over the holidays and been very pleased with their quality. The pieces are thick and even though they are cut in a standard grid pattern, each piece is unique. While a grid cut is not my first choice I have... CONTINUE READING

The holiday season is upon us! And what is the best thing about the holidays? Exchanging presents! Everyone loves gift giving. The joy of knowing just what to pick for that special someone, the wonderful anticipation of knowing how much they'll love your gift, the satisfaction of knowing you've made someone's life a little bit... CONTINUE READING

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