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One of the questions I get asked the most is "Where can I get a custom puzzle?" Did you know that in addition to being the largest jigsaw puzzle store in the USA you can get custom puzzles from Puzzle Warehouse? Over the years, I have gotten custom puzzles from many different places - mostly... CONTINUE READING

I'm not sure if you know this, but Puzzle Warehouse has a pretty sweet Puzzle of the Month Club. I have been a member for about a year, and whenever I get that monthly email, I jump onto the website to see what I can snag. Sometimes, I know exactly what I want. Other months.... CONTINUE READING

Let the Games Begin! Imagine a house full of bored people. They’ve been snowed in, rained in, or quarantined for what they say has been a gazillion years. I know, it’s hard to imagine, but stay with me here. What could you possibly do? . . . How about a puzzling contest? Finish your puzzle... CONTINUE READING

My Rating: 9/10 Happy shopping to all my fellow jigsaw junkies. Yes folks once again it's time to head to "The Grocery Store''. If you guys are anything like me you simply love to shop! Also like me I know you will all really enjoy this puzzle's unique spin on this neighborhood grocery store. Let... CONTINUE READING

Established in early 2018, The Very Good Puzzle Company is located in Athens, Georgia, and manufactured in the USA. At the core of their philosophy is art. They believe that a very good puzzle tells a story. So not only do they choose designs from compelling artists, but they also make sure a portion of... CONTINUE READING

Hello out there, Puzzle Friends! I know I must have mentioned how I always forget about 500 pieces puzzles. I will readily admit, I am a puzzle snob. I have my favorite brands, favorite shape, finish, piece count, what have you. I love 1000 piece puzzles. They usually last me about 3 nights. That's long... CONTINUE READING

My Rating  9/10 Ahoy Mateys! Well shiver me timbers, do I have a great review for all me hearties. I know all you pirate fans will love this puzzle, "Pirate Skull", by Educa is the ultimate pirate puzzle. This 500 piece puzzle is packed full of details that will send a shiver up the spine... CONTINUE READING

I guess I should start by explaining the “Run spot, Run.” Sometimes my wandering mind makes connections that cause others to wonder what’s wrong with me. Spot was the family dog in the Dick and Jane Readers. From 1930 to 1970 more than 85 million of us learned to read using these books. They were... CONTINUED READING

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