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Publisher: Buffalo Games (US) Size: 750 pieces  Title:  “Cat Tales"  Finished size: 24" x 18" OUR RATING: 9/10 Box Quality:  (8/10) The Buffalo Games boxes are very sturdy and have nice packaging design. The box is small at 8" x 8". The front, which you can see above, has a "Cats of Charles Wysocki" logo and the... CONTINUE READING

Welcome to 2018 everyone!  This is an exciting time of year as new releases start hitting fast and furious. I already showed the new Heye puzzles for 2018 (as much as we've seen of them anyway). And the new Gibsons. Now let's take a look at what else has recently hit the market. For your... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Ravensburger, 2015 Title:  “Eiffel Tower”, art by Ravensburger, 960 pieces  Finished size: 41.5" x 30" OUR RATING: 9/10 Puzzle of the Month: January 2018 You're in for a treat with January's puzzle of the month. This shaped Ravensburger puzzle is a fun and challenging start to the new year. If you are in the POTM... CONTINUE READING

Gibsons has just updated their website with new releases for 2018. Many awesome images here. You can see them all here. These aren't yet available at Puzzle Warehouse but we should get them in January. Here are my favorites: Two new images from Steve Crisp! "Gold Catch" and "First Hill" are both available in 1000... CONTINUE READING

It's December 17th. Have you been holidaying yet? I have been knee deep in holiday movies, Christmas card and gift prepping, decorating, and snow shoveling here in Pennsylvania. So it definitely feels like Christmas. I had fun putting together my top picks of the Christmas puzzles available this year. The top ten list (which is... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: White Mountain (US), published 2017 Title:  “Christmas Traditions” by Pinkerton Road & Lena Pigareva, 1000 pieces pieces Finished size: 24" x 30" (1000 pieces) OUR RATING: 9.5/10 It's that time of year, time for a Christmas puzzle glut. I was super excited to get my hands on this brand new Christmas puzzle from White Mountain. Let's take a... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: White Mountain (US), published 2013) Title:  “Santa's Big Night” by RJ McDonald, 1000 pieces pieces Finished size: 24" x 30" (1000 pieces) OUR RATING: 9/10 Puzzle of the Month: December 2017 This fun Christmas puzzle is the Puzzle Warehouse "PUZZLE OF THE MONTH" for December 2017. So if you are in the POTM club (click here to check... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Vermont Christmas Company (US), published 2014 Title:  “Santa's List” by Randy Wollenmann, 1000 pieces Finished size: 30" x 24" OUR RATING: 8.75/10 You say it's not even Thanksgiving? Psah! I was in the mood for a Christmas puzzle this week, so why not? I decided to do a Randy Wollenmann from Vermont Christmas Company. I've become... CONTINUE READING

It's time for a new puzzle post!  This isn't a heavy release time of year, but there are some cool new puzzles to check out regardless. For your Edification - A Tip on Saving Shipping Costs: I used to never order a single puzzle because the shipping cost for just one can be nearly as much... CONTINUE READING

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