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I still remember the thrill of midnight release parties for the latest Harry Potter book. Hanging out with all the other muggles looped through the bookstore while we practically glowed with anticipation was, well … magical. The Wizarding World still captivates me twenty-five years later and now I get to explore it through the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzles too! CONTINUE READING

I’m a bit of a “cover junkie” when it comes to magazines, and when a magazine cover makes it onto a puzzle, I am here for it! Puzzles with magazine cover art have everything going for them … eye-catching images, interesting subject matter, and a bit of lettering. Of course this got me thinking about how many magazine cover shots were so good they deserved a puzzle! CONTINUE READING

I am so incredibly excited to get to introduce to you the newest type of puzzles coming to Puzzle Warehouse- RoseArt cork puzzles! RoseArt dropped six new 1000 piece beautiful and colorful designs- but instead of using plain old blue board, they decided to up the ante by choosing cork! This is by far one of the most interesting and unique puzzle materials I have had the pleasure of piecing together! CONTINUE READING

Over on Instagram, there is an annual puzzle-along called #puzzlelikeits1999 which is a challenge to ONLY 2000 piece puzzles for a month. Founded by Heather of @heatherpuzzles, the specific month it’s held has changed over the past few years, but this year, it was September! Some people speed their way through and complete colossal quantities (7-10) and others take their time to savor only one in the month. Both numbers, or anywhere in between, is wonderful and impressive, because...2000 pieces in one puzzle is a LOT. 

The simple pleasures in life are one of the best things we experience as we journey through our time on earth. For many people, a reminder of a particular food, toy or game from their childhood is enough to evoke a fond memory and provide that simple pleasure of happiness. I’m totally about to age myself here. I was around when Care Bears first hit the scene (Team Cheer Bear!). I played Pac-Man and Space Invaders when they were released and I still remember my first Sony Walkman. CONTINUE READING

There’s a new puzzle company in the house, the Puzzle Warehouse, and it’s name is Professor Puzzle.  What started out as a metal puzzle company sold at neighborhood markets quickly grew into a full fledged puzzle and game business. Professor Puzzle not only makes the Metal Earth products, but they also make wooden puzzles, and board games. I have to admit, I have never heard of this company before. CONTINUE READING

September is here and I am so ready for fall! "I Love Autumn" by Gibsons Puzzles is the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. "I Love..." is a series by illustrator Mike Jupp, they are cartoon scenes with lots of crazy stuff going on. You can see the beautiful autumn colors on the ribbon cut pieces. The pieces are a wonderful 2.2mm thick. CONTINUE READING

I’ve fallen into monster land, and I don’t want to get up! A monster land called Zozoville, to be exact. From a heart shaped undie wearing monster, to a fuzzy bucktoothed monster in an ill fitting house, this world has no shortage of ingenuity and creativity. Add in the clever modern day twist monsters like those seen in Jarantine or Selfie, and I have to believe there is an adorable Zozoville monster for each and every puzzler to fall in love with! CONTINUE READING

Ever make an offhand comment to someone about liking something and suddenly, everyone starts sending you stuff relating to that? That’s what happened with me and Volkswagen buses. I mentioned how cool they were and that I wanted to own one someday and the next thing you know I started getting all sorts of items with VW buses on them. Including the very first puzzle I ever did two and half years ago - this 1000-piece Eurographics puzzle, Funky Jam. CONTINUE READING


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