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I'm thrilled to have Geoff Tristram on Jigsaw Junkie today! Geoff is an artist and cartoonist who does a few of my favorite puzzle series. He's the artist behind Ravensburger's "Best of British" series, their "What If?" series, and "Cat-ology", published by Masterpieces. I'll be sharing images of his work throughout this interview. JJ: Please... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Gibsons (UK), published Jan 2015 Title:  “Home Sweet Home”, Artist: Steve Crisp, 1000 pieces (also available in 500 pieces) OUR RATING: 10/10 This was my favorite image of Gibsons amazing new 2015 releases, so it snuck to the front of my TBD list when it arrived. It did not disappoint! Box Quality: You can see the... CONTINUE READING

After Step One and Step Two, we now have a puzzle that has adhesive contact paper applied to the back, and that contact paper is then mounted/glued to a foamcore board. This mounted puzzle looks and feels fairly sturdy, but remember that since the puzzle is only held in place by the adhesive on the contact paper... CONTINUE READING

Otter House has released a new puzzle catalog for 2015. Yay!  You can see the whole thing here. You can even download a high res copy for your hard drive to save. (I love downloadable catalogs!) Here are a few of the new images. (NOTE: I haven't added Otter House to our brand comparison yet, but... CONTINUE READING

The Eurographics website hasn't been updated, but a US puzzle store just put up new Eurographics 2015 puzzles today. You can see all of them here.  I'll pulled out a few I thought were highlights. "Hometown Heroes: Local Law" by artist Dona Gelsinger, 1000 pieces "Hometown Heroes:Fire and Rescue" by artist Dona Gelsinger, 1000 pieces "US... CONTINUE READING

  Publisher: Gibsons (UK), ~2010, 1000 pieces Title:  “I Love Christmas”, Artist: Mike Jupp OUR RATING: 10/10 I finally tackled this amazing Mike Jupp puzzle. Maybe I am missing Christmas already. �� Box Quality: Gibsons boxes are among the very best in the business, if not the best.  They're very thick and sturdy with lovely packaging design. You can... CONTINUE READING

Educa is a puzzle maker in Spain. You can see our brand comparison here. I liked their fantasy puzzles in the past, but there's little fantasy in this year's catalogue. There are, however, some interesting puzzles. You can see their entire new line-up here.  I've pulled out some I thought were interesting. 1. Three new cartoon... CONTINUE READING

See Step One of this process here. In Step One we put adhesive contact paper on the back of our puzzle. This allows the puzzle to hold together--mostly. But it's still floppy and fragile. So in this step, we'll mount that contact-paper-backed-puzzle to a foamcore board. You can get 1/4" foamcore board at most craft... CONTINUE READING

The woman above finished the world's largest puzzles, "Wildlife" from Educa at 33,600 pieces.  You can see more of her pictures here. Part of me wants to tackle a project like this someday. And part of me wants to run screaming.... CONTINUE READING


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