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I have gotten some emails asking me to share tips for assembling puzzles and/or my method. If you're new to puzzling, returning to it after a long time, or just want to see how someone else does it, check out this walk-through.  In the end, no method is right or wrong as long as you... CONTINUE READING

Eurographics is a Canadian puzzle manufacturer who has traditionally made collage-style puzzles but has branched out to a variety of themes.  Their website is updated with lots of lovely new puzzles for 2016. I show my favorites below, but you can see them all here. Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 1000 I love all the spots... CONTINUE READING

New 2016 Sunsout puzzles are now for sale on Simple Pastimes. They have some nice new shaped puzzles that were not on the Sunsout site when I did the 2016 round up. I've updated the 2016 Sunsout page with the new puzzles. Below is a new Aimee Stewart in a fan shape... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo Games releases puzzles throughout the year, so I will update this page as more are added.  I've pulled out my favorites to feature here, but you can see all their new puzzles on their website. "A Peach of a Day" by Charles Wysocki, 300 pieces Buffalo makes Wysocki puzzles in various sizes. Usually when... CONTINUE READING

Ravensburger US carries different puzzles than Ravensburger in Germany/Europe. They have some new puzzles on their website that are quite exciting. You can see them all here.  In this post, I'm just showing my favorites. “Fishing Fun", 1000 pieces An outstanding collage puzzle. I don't fish, but I'd still get it. “The Candy Shop", 1000... CONTINUE READING

Pomegranate is a US puzzle company with very high quality fine art puzzles. You can see our Poemgranate brand comparison here. Their website has recently been updated with some awesome new puzzles for 2016. Below are my favorites, but you can see them all here. "Where Time Becomes the Wicked" by Dan May, 1000 pieces... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: BuffaloGanes (US), published 2015 Title:  “Grandpa's Potting Shed” by Steve Read Buffalo Games, 2000 pieces  OUR RATING: 9.5/10 I just completed this 2000 piece puzzle a few days ago, and I loved it! Box Quality:  (9/10) The Buffalo Games box is a smaller square shape, which saves room on the shelf. The front is shown above. The... CONTINUE READING

Springbok is a US puzzle company with good quality puzzles.  They tend to do more photographic puzzles and collages, but also have a few drawn/painted puzzles. You can see our Springbok brand comparison here. They've just added 16 new puzzles for winter 2016. I show my favorites below but you can see them all here. “The Melody Shop”... CONTINUE READING


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