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Areaware is known most for their gradient puzzle collection, but they also have a few other puzzle designs. There is a geometrical art collection along with a "puzzle inside a puzzle" collection. Their compact boxes make it easy to find a place to store them. Areaware's puzzles have very thick pieces and low puzzle dust. CONTINUE READING

Artgame is known for their 3D lenticular puzzles. The image on their puzzle will shift depending on what angle you are viewing them from. This makes the puzzling process a bit more challenging, but a lot more fun! Their designs include lots of animals and bright colors.

Blanc Puzzles offers bright, colorful images focused on travel photography. The wide range of images feature brilliantly color-saturated vignettes that transport the puzzler around the world without ever having to leave their home. The pieces are a standard grid cut, identical to Blanc’s parent brand, Buffalo Games. With piece counts including 300, 500 and 1000, these puzzle journeys are accessible to both experienced and new puzzlers alike... CONTINUE READING

Ceaco puzzles offer a multitude of puzzle images, including their very popular Disney and Thomas Kinkade puzzles. The pieces center around a standard grid cut, with a slightly unique and fun take on the normal piece shapes. While the pieces are on the slightly thinner side, they are nice and sturdy. The puzzle box is compact, and includes a poster... CONTINUE READING

Celmentoni puzzles are crafted in Italy. They produce a wide variety of images for adult and children's puzzles. Their pieces have a linen finish with a slight sheen to them and have varying piece shapes. CONTINUE READING

Cobbe Hill is an incredibly unique puzzle company. Not only do they offer your normal 500 and 1000 piece puzzles, but they also offer The Family Pieces Puzzle (350) which include small, medium and large sized pieces for the entire family to enjoy, and their Easy Handling Puzzles (275) with only large sized pieces for people with visual impairment or decreased motor function. The pieces are random cut, and thick and sturdy with a linen finish. The box is rectangular in shape, the full image is on the front, and if your puzzle is made after 2018, a reference poster will be included... CONTINUE READING

Colorcraft is a US based business that features bright and colorful puzzle images. They offer both 500 and 1000 piece puzzles. The pieces are ribbon cut with some fun variation in the normal piece shape, and have an anti-glare linen finish. The rectangular sized box features the entire image on the front and a reference poster inside. CONTINUE READING

Crown Point Graphics might be new to the puzzling game, but they are paper product pros.  Originally known for producing cards and fine stationary, they decided to start designing puzzles in 2020.  Their puzzles feature original art ranging from surreal to Americana. CONTINUE READING

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