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"In the Garden" Brand: House of Puzzles, Artist:  Ray Cresswell #1 in the series "Find the Differences" The "Find the Differences" series of puzzles by HOP has a unique twist. The image you assemble is similar to the image on the box, but there are 15 'differences'.  That gives a bit more challenge to putting the... CONTINUE READING

Gibsons Puzzles (a UK brand) released six new jigsaw puzzles in April 2014. Above:  "Knobbly Knees" by artist Jim Mitchell, 500 pieces Above:  "Portishead Then And Now" by artist Bryan Evans, 636 pieces Above: "Life in the Slow Lane" by artist Czes Pachela, 1000 pieces Above:  "Summer Saturday On Snow Hill" by artist Philip D Hawkins... CONTINUE READING

Company: Heye (Germany)       Release Date: 2013          Artist:  Francois Ruyer   Verdict:  10/10 This was a very fun puzzle to put together.  Heye's pieces are standard shaped and a bit smaller in size than some brands, so not for those with difficulty with eyesight or who like large-sized pieces.  But... CONTINUE READING

The first puzzle company in Turkey, Anatolian puzzles features truly unique and beautiful art. The pieces are standard grid cut, are 2mm thick, and very sturdy. The box is rectangular in shape with the entire image on the front. Inside the box, there is a carboard box top holder: this will hold the top of the box so you can easily reference the image! CONTINUE READING

Aquarius is most known for their eye-catching pop culture puzzles. They work with multiple agencies to license large names such as DC Comics, Nickelodeon, Friends, Star Trek, and The Office. Their glossy pieces bring out the bold colors in their puzzles. They release puzzles in multiple sizes from 150 pieces to 3000, so there is something for everyone in their collection. CONTINUE READING

Areaware is known most for their gradient puzzle collection, but they also have a few other puzzle designs. There is a geometrical art collection along with a "puzzle inside a puzzle" collection. Their compact boxes make it easy to find a place to store them. Areaware's puzzles have very thick pieces and low puzzle dust. CONTINUE READING

Artgame is known for their 3D lenticular puzzles. The image on their puzzle will shift depending on what angle you are viewing them from. This makes the puzzling process a bit more challenging, but a lot more fun! Their designs include lots of animals and bright colors.


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