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Canadian artist Soon creates all of her puzzles with a positive message inside the box. She enjoys spreading positivity through her puzzles. Her puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy, with a beautiful matte linen finish, and an incredibly tight fit. You will be able to move both small and large sections around with ease. The puzzle box is sturdy, with part of the image on the front, the full image on the back, and a resealable plastic bag for your puzzle pieces... CONTINUE READING

Springbok is a US based brand that has been making puzzles since 1963. Holiday, collages, cityscapes, landscapes, food, you name it, Springbok probably has it as an image! Their pieces are random cut, with a ridged cardboard backing (like a beveled edge). Springbok features precision interlocking pieces that push into place, ensuring a really good fit for a random cut puzzle. Springbok boxes feature the full image on the front of the box, and no reference poster... CONTINUE READING

SunsOut puzzles are USA made and offer just about any image you could imagine! In addition to their normal rectangle shaped puzzles, they offer a wide variety of shaped puzzles. The pieces are random cut and sturdy. The box is large and square shaped, with the full image on the front... CONTINUE READING

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USAOpoly is known for their pop culture related puzzles. From TV shows and movies to video games to 80s and 90s nostalgia, they have a puzzle for everyone. The also produce many board and card games. You might also find them advertised as TheOp... CONTINUE READING

Vermont Christmas Company of course is best known for its extensive catalog of Christmas and winter-themed puzzles. The brand also includes many other seasonal images, including Halloween, autumn, and summer, as well as beach and domestic scenes. Many of the images feature cats and dogs as well... CONTINUE READING

Based out of Athens, Georgia, Very Good Puzzle Company loves art and puzzling. They select their original and whimsical images from local artists. The pieces are sturdy, with a standard ribbon cut and a matte finish. The puzzles are printed with soy based ink and made with recycled cardboard. A portion of the puzzle proceeds go towards various non-profits... CONTINUE READING

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