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I've been trying out some new brands of puzzles I've never done before for my Brand Comparison Review.  Of the Buffalo Games offerings, I was drawn to this Charles Wysocki image. Wysocki normally does Americana landscapes, but I liked he fact that this was a much closer, more intimate view. I also was attracted to... CONTINUE READING

Carrying on my quest to find, purchase, and review all of the numbered limited edition Ravensburger puzzles!  You can see the full list here. This puzzle is No 3 in the series, and was released in 1999. The title is "The Holly And The Ivy" by artist Carol Lawson. Published by Ravensburger. It's 1000 pieces.... CONTINUE READING

"Feathered Retreat", artist Greg & Company, released 7/2012 by Springbok.  Our rating: 9/10 It's been a long time since I've done a Springbok puzzle, and I must say, I was impressed with the quality of this 2012 puzzle.  The puzzle pieces are very thick--so thick, you can pick the entire puzzle up at the end and... CONTINUE READING

There have been a lot of new puzzle releases this summer and fall. So what are some of the most outstanding?  Here are my picks. FALCON -- "Halloween" by Tony Ryan.  I love Halloween puzzles, and there aren't too many good ones out. So I was excited to see this lovely entry to the genre.  It's... CONTINUE READING

Front of box shown above. The back of this box is blank. The certificate that comes in the box. As you may be able to tell from this site, I collect the limited edition Christmas puzzles from Waddington, Ravensburger, Gibson, and more.  I was recently able to find this puzzle to add to my... CONTINUE READING

SCORE:  85 Box:  10/10 Image Quality (colors, sharpness):  8/10 Piece & Fit Quality:  9/10 Fun Factor:  7/10 Total Score:  34/40 or 85% Box:  10 The box, as usual from Ravensburger, is of very high quality. The cardboard is sturdy and heavy and the colors are bright. The box design is very appealing with an image... CONTINUE READING

SCORE:  90 Box:  7/10 Image Quality (colors, sharpness):  10/10 Piece & Fit Quality:  9/10 Fun Factor:  10/10 Total Score:  36/40 or 90% Box:  7 This is an older puzzle (published in 2001) and so the box suffers a little in comparison to current Ravensburger Christmas puzzles. There's no "Limited Edition" banner, for example, and the... CONTINUE READING

This is one of the best JVH puzzles I've ever done. What I liked: 1. The 1500 piece size is ideal for me--a bit more challenging than my usual 1000 piece puzzle, but still just barely fits in my puzzle tray. 2. Although there's plenty going on, it is not as crowded as some JVH... CONTINUE READING

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