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Stay tuned! This brand comparison page is coming soon!

Stay tuned! This brand comparison page is coming soon!

Workman Publishing is an independent book publisher, that also offers amazing and beautiful puzzles (lucky for us!). The box is rectangular in shape, but on the smaller side (about 11x8x2.25). The entire image is on the front, and there is a reference poster included. The pieces are standard grid cut with a slight gloss, are about 1.8mm thick, and have a nice fit... CONTINUE READING

The Jigsaw Junkies blog began in March of 2014. It was started by Jane Holmes as a way to learn more about the puzzle industry and connect with other jigsaw puzzle fans. Along the way, Jigsaw Junkies has seen and fulfilled the need for information that was previously unavailable on the web, including a detailed analysis of puzzle brands, research on out-of-print puzzle series such as the Limited Edition Waddington’s Christmas puzzles, and interviews with puzzle makers to see what goes on behind the scenes. In April of 2016, the Jigsaw Junkies blog became part of Puzzle Warehouse, the largest distributor of puzzles in the United States... CONTINUE READING

Spring is here! Our ambassador team is sharing their favorite Spring releases from all the best brands. Continue reading to see their recommendations!

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A Broader View puzzles offers several puzzle collections for children and adults, including their popular Round Table Collection. This collection features images that wrap around the circumference of the puzzle, making puzzling with multiple people easy and fun. Each puzzler will have a top-to-bottom view of their puzzle section! The pieces are a random cut that lends an extra challenge to the experience. The pieces are slightly thin, however, they are nice and sturdy. The puzzle box is compact, and includes a poster. The Round Table Collection comes in both 500- and 1000-piece counts... CONTINUE READING

African American Games is the largest Black owned greeting card company in America. Their puzzles feature art by Black Artists and proudly put Black heritage and culture front and center!  These quality puzzles are perfect for an afternoon of family fun or to help you relax after a long day.  They come in easy to handle 500 piece count. CONTINUE READING

From fine art to cartoon to gradients, All Jigsaw Puzzles has it all! With a diverse collection of original artwork you're sure to find a puzzle or two that catches your eye. Their semi glossy pieces are ribbon cut with varied piece shapes. They have a few different box shapes. CONTINUE READING


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