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Growing up, my family and I would always do something together whether it was playing a board game or watching a movie but the best time I would ever have would be putting together a puzzle. Since you have to work together to complete a puzzle, most of the fights I had with my brother... CONTINUE READING

Jigsaws are always fun to put together but at times they can not only be time consuming but also take up a lot of space. I know for myself, that’s why I don’t do a certain puzzle because between limited space and a toddler running around, it could be nearly impossible. Thankfully, there is always... CONTINUE READING

Schools have finally been released and Summer is in full swing. During this time it can be hard to find activities for your little ones to beat the heat. Watching television, playing a video game or going on the computer can work; what’s better than having the accomplishment of putting together a jigsaw puzzle together... CONTINUE READING

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