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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at Puzzle Warehouse? We caught up with one of our employees, Katy, to learn more about her job at our retail location in St. Louis, Missouri. CONTINUE READING 

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Do you enjoy sharing your love for jigsaw puzzles with others? Are you a Jigsaw Junkie? Do you want to get rewarded for your passion for jigsaw puzzles? If you answered yes to any of these questions, apply to be a Puzzle Warehouse Ambassador! Earn gift cards and exclusive Puzzle Warehouse gifts... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo Games offers a wide variety of images from landscapes to animals to gradient artwork. The pieces are sturdy and there aren’t typically many false fits. There are a variety of piece shapes, including a special zig-zag shape that is unique to the brand. Buffalo carries a variety of piece counts and some puzzles come in multiple piece counts. They license art of popular movies and characters such as Marvel and Star Wars. They also work with artists to commission artwork for their puzzles... CONTINUE READING

I’m always looking for something new and different, a bit of a challenge, in my next puzzle.  And I found just that at Puzzle Warehouse!  A puzzle called “Puzzle Twist, Mixed Up”.   It was described as “Within this Mixed Up! series jigsaw puzzle you'll piece together a variety of Nebraska historical moments painted by... CONTINUE READING

Are you a sports fanatic? Do you have a favorite team? Do you wear your team's colors all day long? Do you like to share your passion with others? Well, if you do, then you will certainly like the sported-related jigsaw puzzles that you can find from MasterPieces. As a sports fan myself, decorating not... CONTINUE READING

The first puzzle company in Turkey, Anatolian puzzles features truly unique and beautiful art. The pieces are standard grid cut, are 2mm thick, and very sturdy. The box is rectangular in shape with the entire image on the front. Inside the box, there is a carboard box top holder: this will hold the top of the box so you can easily reference the image! CONTINUE READING

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Aquarius is most known for their eye-catching pop culture puzzles. They work with multiple agencies to license large names such as DC Comics, Nickelodeon, Friends, Star Trek, and The Office. Their glossy pieces bring out the bold colors in their puzzles. They release puzzles in multiple sizes from 150 pieces to 3000, so there is something for everyone in their collection. CONTINUE READING

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Areaware is known most for their gradient puzzle collection, but they also have a few other puzzle designs. There is a geometrical art collection along with a "puzzle inside a puzzle" collection. Their compact boxes make it easy to find a place to store them. Areaware's puzzles have very thick pieces and low puzzle dust. CONTINUE READING

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