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Every Dowdle puzzle features the artwork of Eric Dowdle. Eric reproduces destinations from around the world with his own unique and creative twist. The boxes are compact, and the pieces are housed in a resealable plastic bag. Does something look familiar? Check out the poster, as there are fun facts about the landmarks and people that are included in the puzzle. The pieces are sturdy and generally feature a ribbon cut, although a few puzzles might be random cut! Anywhere from 100 to 1000 pieces, with many of the same images being offered in multiple piece counts, you can choose your challenge level. Looking for something different: check out the new mini wooden 250 piece puzzles as well... CONTINUE READING

D-Toys large piece count puzzle line centers on fine art images, supplemented by modern illustration images. The lower piece counts, perfect for children or as a quick puzzle snack for adults, feature colorful illustrations, holiday images and more. The pieces are a varied grid cut and have a blue backing paper. The pieces are average thick and are nice and sturdy with a matte linen finish. There is a slight risk of false fits, particularly when working in a dark section of an image... CONTINUE READING

Educa puzzles come in a wide array of sizes and styles. They offer everything from fine art to modern illustrations to photography and so much more. With piece counts spanning from 28 to 42,000, Educa has something for the littlest puzzler to the expert dissectologist. The pieces are a standard grid cut, with some pieces having a curved edge rather than a connector. The pieces are average thick and are nice and sturdy with a matte finish. The puzzle box are large and rectangular... CONTINUE READING

eeBoo is a US based, woman owned puzzle business, that specializes in bright and contemporary puzzle images. Their puzzle pieces are grid cut and feature a beautiful glossy finish. They are 1.8mm thick, sturdy, and have a nice tight piece fit. eeBoo puzzle boxes are just as colorful as their puzzles, and include a poster... CONTINUE READING

Based in Canada, Eurographics has been creating puzzles since 1987. They have thousands of images in many piece sizes. From holiday themes to landscapes to animals to food, they have it all! Their smaller piece count puzzles come in compact boxes for easy storage. Their larger piece count puzzles have a large, full image on the front of the box making it easier to complete the puzzle. CONTINUE READING

Galison’s brightly colored puzzles really pack a punch. They release new puzzles frequently and the artwork is very culturally relevant. Some of their puzzles are prints of modern art by famous artists. Galison puzzles have a slightly glossy finish and classic grid-cut pieces. The boxes are compact and sturdy and contain a poster of the puzzle image... CONTINUE READING

Gibsons is a UK based brand that features both traditional and more contemporary puzzle images, indicated by the color of the logo on the front of the box (blue is traditional, white is contemporary). The puzzles come in a nice, compact box with an included poster, and no plastic shrink wrap, to help cut down on the carbon footprint of the company. The pieces are 2mm thick, and nice and sturdy, with a traditional grid cut... CONTINUE READING


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