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Goodway Puzzles is a US based puzzle company that offers four humorous cartoon scenes in 1000 pieces. The pieces are random cut, and nice and sturdy at 1.8mm thick. The box is square shaped and fairly compact, although is thicker than normal puzzle boxes. It has the full image on the front, and no poster included... CONTINUE READING

Hardie Grant puzzles feature a range of pop culture images and modern illustrations from well-known and emerging artists. Some of the most popular images are animal drawings from popular children’s author, Sandra Boynton, and reproductions of whimsical illustrations by French artist, Nathalie Lété... CONTINUE READING

Hart is a US based brand from Indiana. At the ‘Hart’ of their business philosophy, is their mission to give back. For each puzzle sold, they donate to one of several causes that revolve around preserving national parks, supporting the arts, promoting education and medical research, helping animal shelters, and giving back to veterans. The pieces are standard grid cut with a nice variation in piece shape, and have a very slight ridged edge on the cardboard backing. The pieces are 1.9mm thick, and have a very minimal sheen. The finished puzzle size is a bit larger than normal (a 1000 piece puzzle is 24x30inches). The puzzle box features the entire image on the front, and no reference poster is included. 

A US based puzzle brand, Heritage puzzles have a multitude of images in different categories, but if you’re looking for a beachy puzzle- this is the brand for you. Located in North Carolina, their beach puzzles range from photographic to arty and colorful. The puzzle box is large- square in shape, it measures 13" x 13" x 1.75". The full image is on the front and no reference poster is included. The pieces are random cut. The finished puzzle size is a bit larger than normal, at 24" x 30".

Manufactured in Germany, Heye puzzles offer delightful images that center around cartoons, often in whimsical scenes, but span all the way to scenic and gothic art. Utilizing a range of amazing artists, any image you pick will be unique and beautiful. Along with their more traditional puzzles and boxes, they also offer their Triangular box collection. Heye also offers their incredibly popular Zozoville collection, showing the typical life of adorable and friendly Monsters.. CONTINUE READING

Indigenous Collection by Cap is a Canadian puzzle brand that specializes in indigenous artwork. Part of the proceeds of each puzzle sale actually go back to the artist! The puzzle box is sleek- slim and tall, with the entire image on the front, and information about the artist on the back. The pieces come in a resealable plastic bag, are a standard grid cut, and have a great fit. Unique and colorful, you can’t go wrong with a puzzle from Indigenous Collection... CONTINUE READING

Stay tuned! This brand comparison page is coming soon!

Jumbo is a European based puzzle company. They have a wide variety of images to choose from including the popular Wasgij series and Jan Van Haasteren images. With their low glare linen finish and thicker pieces, Jumbo is known for being a high quality brand in the puzzle industry. In addition to puzzles, Jumbo also produces puzzle accessories such as the Portapuzzle board.


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