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For over 25 years, MasterPieces has been creating a variety of high-quality puzzles, games, crafts, and more. MasterPieces has continued to innovate and develop puzzles that capture the world's beauty in every piece. From 24 pieces to 5000 pieces with an array of images and creativity, there is a piece for everyone with MasterPieces puzzles. Let’s take a closer look at 3 of their puzzles - Neuschwanstein Balloons 300PC EZ Grip Puzzle, Santa Paws 500 PC Sparkle and Shine Puzzle, and Farmer’s Market 1000 PC Premium Puzzle. CONTINUE READING

Throughout December, I completed seven puzzle advent calendars. One of them was Gibsons, which has shaped puzzles. I had several messages on Instagram and TikTok asking how I did the shaped puzzles. So today I'm going to go through my shaped puzzle strategy for smaller piece count puzzles with Dejco Whale (150 pieces) and Madd Capp's I Am Lil' Bumble Bee. CONTINUE READING

Looking for a good pop culture puzzle? Check out Aquarius! My most recent Aquarius puzzle featured the Star Trek Enterprise. I am a big Trekkie - with my personal favorite being Star Trek the Next Generation (it's about about Patrick Stewart's love of puzzles for me). But I have to clarify that the ship on this is from the OG Star Trek despite my small Picard collection making an appearance. CONTINUE READING

I love trying brands that I have yet to try. When I visited Puzzle Warehouse, I picked up a 2 pack of Falcon de luxe Christmas puzzles called Santa’s Special Delivery. I am a big fan of Christmas puzzles. I always get at least one new one to do every year. It makes it even more special when it is a brand I haven’t tried before. CONTINUE READING

The very first puzzles I remember doing were Sesame Street tray puzzles from the 1970s. As I got older and transitioned from "baby" puzzles, I did many, many, many sea life puzzles. Bringing together the nostalgia from growing up, I decided to give Happy Dolphins by Wooden City a try. Wooden puzzles are a very different experience from cardboard. There is a wide price range depending on if you purchase laser cut (typically mass produced) or hand cut (intricately made by artisans who use a scroll saw to create the puzzle). CONTINUE READING

At over 100 years old, Gibsons is a part of the puzzle history. What I think is even cooler about the company is it remains family-owned. Founded by Harry Percy Gibson in 1919, Gibsons is now proudly run by his great-granddaughter Kate. This UK-based company creates games and puzzles that are a bit harder to find in the US but Puzzle Warehouse stocks plenty! CONTINUE READING

Every year I look forward to December when I do all Christmas-themed puzzles all month long. Here are some of the jigsaw puzzles I cannot wait to do in December. For 26 years, Ravensburger has released a limited edition Christmas puzzle. This year’s puzzle, Santa's Workshop, is a traditional Christmas scene packed with details. CONTINUE READING

One of the plethora of things I love about puzzles is there are so many different styles. This month, I decided to try different styles of puzzles that feature parrots; and I challenge myself to go beyond a jigsaw puzzle and try something new. And so behind the journey, a tale of 4 styles of puzzles. CONTINUE READING

I wanted to talk about a brand that is harder to find in North America, Educa. The origins of Educa Borras date back to 1894 when Borras Plana S.A. was founded. These puzzles are manufactured in Spain. The last puzzle I did from Educa was a 3,000-piece version of the 36,000-piece Wildlife. I also have both the 24,000-piece Life (discontinued) and 42,000-piece Around the World. I am not sure when I will start either of those but I was intrigued. CONTINUE READING

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