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Over the years I have done a few Anatolian puzzles. Each one that I have done has had very unique and different art. Anatolian is the trademark of the Perre Group, whose corporate headquarters are located in Turkey. In fact, Anatolian is the first puzzle company in Turkey. In general, I stick with 1,000 pieces... CONTINUE READING

A few years ago, I tried to do the Hogwarts - Astronomy Tower, an 875-piece 3D puzzle from Wrebbit3D. I got a few sections assembled, but I struggled so much and was not enjoying the process. So I boxed it up with the intention to try again in the future. However, I have not reopened it... CONTINUE READING

As Jigsaw Junkies, we are all aware of the multitude of brain benefits that come with puzzling. One of the big benefits is doing puzzles can improve your memory. There have even been studies showing that brain exercises, such as assembling puzzles, can reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, or dementia. But... CONTINUE READING

I simply cannot get enough mini puzzles! Everything is more adorable when it is tiny - puppies, toys, even people. I have several Pigment & Hue Mini puzzles. One thing I really love about mini puzzles is you can take them anywhere. The boxes are compact enough that you can stick them in a purse... CONTINUE READING

Puzzle popularity has exploded throughout the COVID-19 pandemic giving us Jigsaw Junkies many new puzzle companies to choose from. Today I am going to tell you about a new company: Playful Pastimes. So far, I have completed two of the 1,000 piece puzzles from this new brand - Greek Alley and Groovy Bicycle. The founder... CONTINUE READING

One of the questions I get asked the most is "Where can I get a custom puzzle?" Did you know that in addition to being the largest jigsaw puzzle store in the USA you can get custom puzzles from Puzzle Warehouse? Over the years, I have gotten custom puzzles from many different places - mostly... CONTINUE READING

Established in early 2018, The Very Good Puzzle Company is located in Athens, Georgia, and manufactured in the USA. At the core of their philosophy is art. They believe that a very good puzzle tells a story. So not only do they choose designs from compelling artists, but they also make sure a portion of... CONTINUE READING

Have you ever stepped completely outside of your comfort zone and tried an incredibly unique puzzle? That’s exactly what I did recently. On Black Friday, I spent far too long browsing the Puzzle Warehouse site to take advantage of the great deals. One of the puzzles I picked up was a lenticular puzzle from Artgame... CONTINUE READING

For my Puzzle of the Month pick, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and do a collage puzzle. And not even a colorful one, but one that is mostly black and white. Let me introduce you to Banksy Graffiti from Hart Puzzles. This (sold out) 1000-piece puzzle measures 24”x 30” when completed... CONTINUE READING

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