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Hyper-realistic animal shaped puzzles? Yes please! Madd Capp Puzzles are my favorite animal-shaped puzzles. I recently learned why there are not as many companies the produce shaped puzzles. Each of the unique-shaped jigsaw puzzles requires its own unique tool. Unlike circular or square puzzles which can use the same tool for different designs. Madd Capp... CONTINUE READING

It wouldn't feel like Halloween without assembling a Halloween puzzle. Puzzle Warehouse has a great selection of Autumn and Halloween themed puzzles. The one I am reviewing here is currently out of stock, but there are several similarly themed puzzles. Because this year is unprecedented, I am really wanting to assemble cute/happy puzzles. Here are... CONTINUE READING

Happy Spooky Season! As soon as October started, I pulled out my spooky puzzles. It is my favorite way to get into the Halloween mood. I got the SunsOut Queen of Shadows 500-piece puzzle as one of my Puzzle of the Month picks. The art is by Nene Thomas who specializes in fantasy illustrations. The... CONTINUE READING

Keith Haring is one of my favorite artists! I love his fun colorful characters. With all the rain we’ve gotten lately, I need a little brightness in my life. Eurographics has two styles of piece cut: ribbon (which is what you see here) and random. I'll be honest; I much prefer random cut. And the... CONTINUE READING

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