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I love Vermont Christmas Company puzzles!  No matter what your taste in puzzles or where you might want to take that next “puzzle stay-cation” you will have lots of options with this company.  Whether it’s a beach getaway, a quiet harbor, a European setting or a return to winter and Christmas, you will find a... CONTINUE READING

Finally after a year, White Mountain puzzles are back in stock at Puzzle Warehouse. To celebrate the arrival of White Mountain puzzles coming back into the puzzle world, here is a fun one that is great to work on when you just don’t want to get anything done around the house. “Ready for a Drive”... CONTINUE READING

Please give a warm welcome to the 2023 Puzzle Warehouse Jigsaw Junkies Ambassadors... CONTINUE READING

Who says you can’t travel during the pandemic? With Eurographics Globetrotter puzzles you can travel to so many places, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico.  Each puzzle is 1000 pieces,  grid cut, a collage of landmarks from each country, finished size 19 ¼ x 26 5/8 (48.89 cm X 67.63 cm).  Beautiful little clips of all... CONTINUE READING

Hello to my fellow Jigsaw Junkies out there. There are lots of new puzzles in stock this time of year from a wide variety of manufacturers. I thought in this post I'd try to limit my "show and tell" to my very top favorites. My "ten" is actually "fourteen", but what can you do. :-)... CONTINUE READING

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