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Are you looking for a puzzle that has a little extra spice? I have the perfect thing for you: Seek & Find puzzles! These puzzles give you a little bit more to do after you're done with the puzzling. I find that they are a good way to bring my non-puzzling family members in on the fun. Once I've completed the puzzle, they can help me seek out the items. CONTINUE READING

I always love to get holiday themed puzzles that are specific to each holiday. So with Easter on the way, I was on the hunt for the perfect puzzle. When I came across the 1000 piece Easter Globe by SunsOut, I knew it was the one. I thoroughly enjoy shaped puzzles and the extra challenge they can sometimes present. CONTINUE READING 

I wanted to try something new for my blog post this month. After spending a few days pursuing Puzzle Warehouse's huge selection, I decided to try out a couple of lenticular puzzles. Lenticular puzzles have a very unique effect; when you look at them from different angles, some have a 3D effect and others shift colors. The two I'm going to tell you about are the color shifting type. Depending on what angle you're viewing them from, they'll be a different color. CONTINUE READING

It's February, and that always makes me think of romance, pink stuff, and love. Although I'm not a big observer of Valentine's day, it is the perfect excuse for a new puzzle! And Paris is often referred to as the most romantic city in the world, so Paris Painting is the perfect 1000 piece puzzle for February! CONTINUE READING 


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