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Good morning my Jigsaw Junkies! Today, I’m bringing you a puzzle review for a US based and manufactured, family owned and run, jigsaw puzzle company: Heritage puzzles. I chose to do the 1000 piece puzzle Join Us by Eileen Seitz, and I absolutely loved it! If I said Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, I’m not sure if many people would know what it looks like or where it’s located. However, this adorable humble lighthouse, with its iconic black and white candy cane stripes served as the starting point for Heritage puzzles. CONTINUE READING

Just like Jigsaw Junkies very own puzzling master and loquacious comedian Gaby, I was raised on science fiction movies growing up. I can’t tell you how many times I got caught tip-toeing downstairs past my bedtime trying to sneak scenes from these action packed, gory, and definitely not kid approved movies. I think out of sheer will power, I wore my dad down and against his better judgment, he gave in one night and let me stay and watch. Did this impact my childhood? 100% YES! By the time I was nine, I was quoting Terminator Two and Aliens, and Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley were just some of my role models. CONTINUE READING

In an attempt to answer this age-old question, to puzzle with or without the image, I have offered up my worlds okayest puzzling abilities (coined by @22pieces- check her out on Instagram, she’s awesome!) for this very controversial topic. I feel like this question could go down in history with the likes of: Stefan or Damen, Edward or Jacob, Dean/Jess/or Logan, B.Davis or P.Sawyer (I swear, I don’t just watch teenage angst drama shows/movies!). Now, I know most people have unshakable ideas about this question, so ‘put your dukes up, Beesly’, bc we’re going to delve deep. Are you ready? CONTINUE READING 

I have a confession. My favorite part of this crazy habit I call puzzling is getting to explore a completely new-to-me puzzle brand. I absolutely love dipping my toes into the proverbial water of a new puzzle: how are the pieces, will they fit well, is this going to be love, or hate, at first touch? Well- I have to tell you that I loved this puzzle! This is Jellyfish, a 1000 piece puzzle from Gibsons, and it is my very first puzzle by this UK based brand. CONTINUE READING 


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