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Hello Jigsaw Junkies! I am so pleased to be back for a second year of representing the amazing Puzzle Warehouse! Last year, being an Ambassador for Puzzle Warehouse was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in the world of puzzles so far, and I can’t believe I get to do it for a second year in a row! I am beyond excited, and hope you’ll join me for all of my nonsensical ramblings that I have planned for you this year! CONTINUE READING

Happy December! The month of cold weather and snow (hopefully!), holiday decorations and delicious holiday food. And the month for gift giving! I figured this might be a great topic to discuss in December, as many of us may receive puzzles from friends or family members. If your friends and family are wise- they will ask for a puzzle wish list, as I know most of us tend to be picky puzzlers. CONTINUE READING

One of the most challenging parts of your first year of veterinary school is anatomy- the class and the lab. Hours are spent learning new directional terms, bones, organs, muscles, nerves, arteries, and veins. Formaldehyde is ingrained in my nostrils forever. I’ve lost weeks and months of my life dissecting and studying, preparing and taking tests about every little minutia of the dog or cat or horse anatomy. CONTINUE READING

I am so incredibly excited to get to introduce to you the newest type of puzzles coming to Puzzle Warehouse- RoseArt cork puzzles! RoseArt dropped six new 1000 piece beautiful and colorful designs- but instead of using plain old blue board, they decided to up the ante by choosing cork! This is by far one of the most interesting and unique puzzle materials I have had the pleasure of piecing together! CONTINUE READING

I’ve fallen into monster land, and I don’t want to get up! A monster land called Zozoville, to be exact. From a heart shaped undie wearing monster, to a fuzzy bucktoothed monster in an ill fitting house, this world has no shortage of ingenuity and creativity. Add in the clever modern day twist monsters like those seen in Jarantine or Selfie, and I have to believe there is an adorable Zozoville monster for each and every puzzler to fall in love with! CONTINUE READING

The most dreaded time of year. Or at least, it was when I was a kid! Coming off of the freedom that summer gives- going back to school was always the worst. However, now that school is squarely in my past, I wonder if it isn't a relief for a lot of people! Moms and dads with school aged children may breathe a sigh of relief- as they get their puzzle time back. CONTINUE READING

For as long as I’m allowed to write blogs for Puzzle Warehouse, I’ll be featuring a mermaid puzzle every July. Mermaids are definitely one of my favorite subjects to puzzle, which has to stem from my love of The Little Mermaid. I was four when it came out, so I was at the PERFECT susceptible age for that amazing gem of a Disney movie. Of course, I spent the remainder of my childhood, and if we’re being honest, all of my adulthood, wishing fervently that mermaids were real, and I could somehow reverse the movie and be a human that became a mermaid! If I became a mermaid, would I then be known as an MD instead of a DVM? Hmmm. The musings of a mermaid wannabe! CONTINUE READING

I often get asked as a veterinarian if I have a favorite patient. Now, I try to treat all of my patients as if they were a favored and loveable little ball of perfection. Sometimes it’s easy: puppies and kittens, no matter how sassy and intolerant they are of me, are always adorable and get many hugs and kisses! But sometimes it’s darn near impossible, when yet another land shark is trying to nibble off a finger or two, or a spicy tamale of a cat is plotting my demise. CONTINUE READING

Who loves holidays as much as I do? From good food, cozy family time, and extra days off of work (hopefully), does it get much better? Add in the fun decorations, and maybe some wacky family traditions, and I tend to love each and every holiday! CONTINUE READING


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