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On a snowy Saturday morning in November, puzzlers of all ages came together in Shelbyville, Indiana to participate in Puzzle Palooza, a speed puzzling competition hosted by and benefitting Shelby Senior Services. That’s right, I said speed puzzling. If you aren’t familiar with the topic, it is exactly what it sounds like and I’m here to tell you it is F-U-N! CONTINUE READING

I still remember the thrill of midnight release parties for the latest Harry Potter book. Hanging out with all the other muggles looped through the bookstore while we practically glowed with anticipation was, well … magical. The Wizarding World still captivates me twenty-five years later and now I get to explore it through the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzles too! CONTINUE READING

Everything about Lucia Heffernan’s oil paintings of furry or feathered friends is infused with humor and charm. Getting to experience her delightful creations as a puzzle brought that silliness and fun to life right on my puzzling table. My latest foray into the funny animals world came to me through the Puzzle Warehouse Ambassador program. While not my first puzzle featuring Heffernan’s art, it was my first 1,000 piece of her work and it came with some unique challenges that I’ll share below. But first, just look at these Funny Bunnies! CONTINUE READING

If you heard the name “Vermont Christmas Company” and thought, like I originally did, that this puzzle brand was all about Christmas you’d only be partially correct. While VCC has a lot of Christmas and winter-themed puzzles, they are so much than that. Do they have elves, Santa, and ice skating? Yes, of course. But do they also have cats and dogs, fairy tales, and landscapes? Yes, yes, and yes! CONTINUE READING

Prior to 2019, I stuck to photography puzzles and never even considered illustrated puzzles. Pre-2019 Sarah had no idea what she was missing! Then a friend of a friend started posting photos on Instagram of these fun, bright illustrated eeBoo puzzles she was doing and her feed suddenly became my Pandora’s Box entry into the world of modern puzzles.  CONTINUE READING

It seems fitting that a puzzle featuring butterflies is also a transforming puzzle. If you’re wondering what I mean by that, MasterPieces Metamorphosis is a vibrant rainbow gradient of butterflies, until you turn off the light and it transforms into a mysterious glow in the dark field of winged creatures. CONTINUE READING

With April being Earth Month, I started thinking about puzzling and wondered how I could make it a more eco-conscious hobby. The good news is that many brands have already recognized the importance of using sustainable materials for both their puzzles and their packaging. Some even partner with global organizations dedicated to making our planet healthy. Read on to learn what I discovered! CONTINUE READING

As we approach the mid-year stretch and we’re short on puzzle options to coordinate with holidays for a bit, I’m here to tell you don’t worry – every day is a holiday! That is, if you’re willing to get a little creative about what you celebrate.  Using my favorite holiday app, Holiday Today, I created the following round up of puzzles to pair with some upcoming quirky holidays. CONTINUE READING

When eeBoo’s Astrology puzzle hit the market, it immediately became my favorite image they’ve released so far. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to assemble it that I started to think about why that is and ultimately ask myself the Big Question, “Is puzzling written in the stars?” Okay, bear with me here. I promise I’ll only get a little “woo woo” about this. Doing an astrology-themed puzzle seems like a legitimate time to wonder whether how or why you puzzle is reflective of your zodiac sign’s traits. CONTINUE READING

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