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With April being Earth Month, I started thinking about puzzling and wondered how I could make it a more eco-conscious hobby. The good news is that many brands have already recognized the importance of using sustainable materials for both their puzzles and their packaging. Some even partner with global organizations dedicated to making our planet healthy. Read on to learn what I discovered! CONTINUE READING

As we approach the mid-year stretch and we’re short on puzzle options to coordinate with holidays for a bit, I’m here to tell you don’t worry – every day is a holiday! That is, if you’re willing to get a little creative about what you celebrate.  Using my favorite holiday app, Holiday Today, I created the following round up of puzzles to pair with some upcoming quirky holidays. CONTINUE READING

When eeBoo’s Astrology puzzle hit the market, it immediately became my favorite image they’ve released so far. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to assemble it that I started to think about why that is and ultimately ask myself the Big Question, “Is puzzling written in the stars?” Okay, bear with me here. I promise I’ll only get a little “woo woo” about this. Doing an astrology-themed puzzle seems like a legitimate time to wonder whether how or why you puzzle is reflective of your zodiac sign’s traits. CONTINUE READING

Wrebbit3D Puzzles hit a big milestone this year as the company reached its 30th anniversary. In a recent The Toy Book article, the company’s president, Jean Théberge, shared his thoughts on the evolution of 3D puzzles and some exciting hints about what’s coming this year as part of Wrebbit3D’s anniversary celebrations.  (Pssst, all you Harry Potter fans, keep reading!) CONTINUE READING 

“Decadent whimsy” was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the new Janet Hill Studio line from New York Puzzle Company (NYPC). The second thought was “I need all of these,” obviously. With fourteen puzzles in the series, it is quite a collection. Worth it!

The puzzle images are all about the art of being fabulous. Take “Breakfast in Bed,” for example. I chose this 500-piece puzzle as the first from the series to add to my collection... CONTINUE READING 


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