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I have news for you. It’s time to take a walk on the wild side! I know what you’re thinking. You like the way you puzzle. It’s comfortable. It works for you. But what if I told you that trying something different could rock your puzzle world?! Would you try it?! Yeah … I felt a little shy about it too. It was a revelation to me that there are different ways to puzzle. My usual way: dump the pieces on the table, turn them over, collect all the pink pieces, and get started! CONTINUE READING

Anie Maltais is the owner and founder of JaCaRou Puzzles in Quebec, Canada. We continue Part 2 of our interview and talk about die cuts, the raging debate between glossy vs. matte finish, and peculiar puzzle habits. CONTINUE READING

This month I interviewed Anie Maltais, the owner and founder of JaCaRou Puzzles in Quebec, Canada!  Join us for Part 1 of our interview as we talk about starting a puzzle company, creating puzzle art, and quitting your job right before a global pandemic. Note:  This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity. CONTINUE READING

We need to talk about your situation. You have a rabid jigsaw puzzler in your life. And you want to buy them a puzzle for the next gift giving situation (5 stars, highly recommend), but you’re not sure where to start. Before we go any further, I’ll just put your mind at ease right now and answer the question that is on every gift giver’s mind. No, you can never get ‘too many’ puzzles for your jigsaw puzzle lover and no, they will never ‘get tired’ of receiving a puzzle as a gift. In fact, they will be absolutely delighted if you start celebrating International Jigsaw Puzzle Day every year by sending them a puzzle. CONTINUE READING

I love all things unique and unusual, especially when it comes to puzzles! If there is something unusual about the puzzle shape, surface, material, or the overall puzzle experience, sign me up! CONTINUE READING

Have you ever taken a puzzle on a trip?!  A few years ago, I didn’t know that traveling with puzzles was even allowed! However, when I found out that many puzzlers take puzzles along when they travel, I jumped at the chance to take my puzzles out into the world! I’ve learned a few things in my travels (6 boxes of puzzles do not fit in most carry-ons)!

Here are some tips to make your next trip with puzzles a success: CONTINUE READING


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