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Fall Folaige Tour

It’s almost time to get out all the decorations that have been packed away and to refresh all the memories of past years. The Christmas season is often a time of hectic preparations with lots of extra baking and shopping. But it is also a time to repeat some well-loved traditions. Watching the same holiday movies every year is comforting and digging out those well-worn Christmas puzzles is a must!...CONTINUE READING

I love art! I especially love seeing art in person. There is something truly amazing about standing in front of a masterpiece that has been admired for centuries and still holds people’s hearts and minds. 

So, now take that treasure and put it on a board and cut it into 1000 or more pieces. Is it the same? It definitely doesn’t have the same ‘awe’ effect as the original, but it does offer something else. CONTINUE READING

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One of the things I look for when choosing a puzzle is, of course, the image but also who the artist is. There are the many masterpieces but sometimes it is simple ‘everyday life’ artistry that attracts me. One artist I’ve been following is Greg GiordanoCONTINUE READING

I was looking over my shelves of puzzles wondering what I would write about this month. Hmmm… March, not my favourite time of year. End of winter, spring is not here yet, sort of dirty snow drifts or just mud! I need something to brighten the mood. Birds! Birds on a Wire by Cobble Hill is a fun colourful pick me up for a dreary pre-spring day. There’s a lot of interaction happening between this assortment of feathered friends. CONTINUE READING

I was drawn to the beauty of the artwork on this puzzle ‘Prayers by the Lake’, part of the Indigenous Collection.  The scene is so colourful and calming. I was not prepared for how challenging it was to complete the swirls and waves. All worth it in the end and I can’t wait to begin more in this series! The puzzle box is sturdy with a full glossy image clearly displayed. CONTINUE READING

Windows and doors, entrances and exteriors, inviting or not! I think it’s my love for collages that draws me to this type of puzzle. I am always photographing doors and windows while travelling, always looking for new, interesting and different offerings. Windows, by Re-marks, is a fun collection of windows and cats. It has 1000 sturdy pieces made from recycled materials. CONTINUE READING

Canadian Pacific - Railroad Adventures covers so many categories! It is a collage of historical posters representing many facets of the CPR company. The railway, completed in 1887, connects the east and west coast of Canada. It’s incredible to think of all the areas of travel and vacation land that are represented here! CONTINUE READING

I just completed this fun little 500-piece puzzle, The Potter’s Bench, put out by Lang. The artwork is by Susan Winget. There are a few pieces of her art available on puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse. From 300 -1000 pieces, something for everyone; all soft and colourful and fun. Susan’s dream when she first started her studio business was to earn enough to enable her to be an at home mom. CONTINUE READING

I enjoy working on puzzles of neighbourhoods, with details of different coloured houses with lovely yards and assorted people, animals and plants. I love searching out pieces and finding where they fit in the overall picture. I just finished this beautiful 1000-piece puzzle from the Hometown Gallery series, Bungalowville. CONTINUE READING

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