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I used to spend every other summer travelling through Europe with a busload of university students. Crazy, possibly; fun, often; relaxing, occasionally! Travelling days are at a minimum now, so relaxing on a luxurious patio in Italy, even if only while puzzling, is a dream I like to enter! Who wouldn’t want to be sitting on this terrace enjoying a nice glass of Chianti! CONTINUE READING

Spring is in the air here in Eastern Canada! Finally! It has been a long cold winter and dreaming of the warm days ahead, I decided to redo a summer sunset scene, the 500-piece Springbok’s Barnyard Animals. This same picture, by artist Dona Gelsinger, is also available in 36 and 100 piece counts. Perfect for all ages. CONTINUE READING

Hello puzzlers! This is my very first blog post and I’m so excited to be able to combine two passions of mine this time, knitting and puzzling! Today, I’m writing about the 1000-piece puzzle, ‘All You Knit is Love’.This puzzle is produced by Eurographics, a privately owned company based in Montreal, Canada. It was started in 1987 as a small distributor of posters and today is a top player in the art publishing and toy industries and well known in North America and around the world. CONTINUE READING


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