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Date Night-Game Night

According to MoneyGeek the average date night in America, for dinner and a movie, costs around $159. If you were to add flowers, a babysitter, drinks, or other stops for your date, we’re talking closer to $300 for a night with your significant other. While a night out is a nice treat, it can be an expensive item to factor into your budget.  One of me and my husband’s favorite date night ideas is Date Night – Game Night. We have always loved playing board, card & video games together. The concept for this date is simple. One of us picks out a couple games (could be ones we already own, or we may buy a new one). Then we add some snacks or pop in a frozen pizza and boom - we have a fun and inexpensive night in...CONTINUE READING

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Whether you stayed at home puzzling or went out with friends, I hope you had a safe and happy time ringing in 2024. Like many I use this time of year for both reflection and planning for my upcoming year. I thought I would use this blog for exactly that purpose. Now, I know New Year Resolutions aren’t for everyone. Researchers suggest only 9% of Americans complete them and 23% of people quit within their first week. For me, there’s just something about the ritual that gets me excited for the upcoming season of life...CONTINUE READING

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Favorites 2023

Hey it’s Emilee!! Let’s get one thing out in the open. Picking my favorite puzzle from the year was incredibly difficult. Getting about a dozen other puzzlers to decide their favorites was near impossible. Based on their socials, collectively we have done well over 1000 puzzles. When I asked my fellow ambassadors to try and pick their favorite puzzle from 2023, you would have thought I asked them to pick their favorite child. Every single one of them sent me at least three puzzles they couldn’t decide between...CONTINUE READING 

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It’s always exciting to see new brands pop up at the Puzzle Warehouse. One exciting brand that is joining the ranks is Victory Wooden Puzzles! The brand creates laser cut wooden puzzles with a variety of images and piece cuts. I’m here to share some of the brand’s history and what to expect when you purchase one of these amazing heirloom puzzles...CONTINUE READING

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Christmas Season is Finally Here

For many of you, you are currently prepping for your Thanksgiving dinner and the Christmas season is just around the corner. I am the type of person who starts celebrating Christmas on November 1st. I can’t help it, I want my favorite time of year, to be as long as possible. Also, since we don’t have family in the area, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is quite uneventful in our house.  So, I really get excited this time of year, especially when I bring out my Christmas puzzle tote. Each year I always have the same dilemma, I have way too many Christmas puzzles on my to-do list than I have time for.  The holidays are a busy time of year, filled with local events, shopping, gatherings and way too much food. There’s just so much baking. Which as you can see, leaves me a little short on puzzling time for the growing Christmas puzzle collection. There’s just so many good puzzle images!! ...CONTINUE READING

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300 Piece Hot Take

I always admire puzzlers who have the courage, time, space, and patience to do 5,000-20,000-piece puzzles. Even when following some puzzlers on Instagram, I am amazed to see how many people do over ten 1,000-piece puzzles in a single month. Don’t get me wrong, I love a thousand-piece puzzle, but sometimes I just don’t have the stamina and sometimes the time. This may be an unpopular opinion (a hot take even) but I have realized over the past couple of years, that a 300-piece puzzle is my favorite piece count. Let’s go over why I find them so appealing...CONTINUE READING

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I have always said that Autumn is my favorite season and I know I am not alone. Even though, today is technically the start of fall, for me fall starts around September 1st. Already, I have been well on my way to doing some of my fall puzzles. I am someone who likes to do a few puzzles for each season. However, I feel like my puzzling preferences when it comes to autumn puzzles, comes in stages...CONTINUE READING

Feline Frenzy

To all my feline-lover friends out there, Happy International Cat Day!!! This holiday is meant to spread awareness to the over 500 million feral cats worldwide. As a proud cat mom of two orange boys, I have to say, I approve of this unofficial holiday, and it gave me a great excuse to look into new cat puzzles. I have done so many cat puzzles over the years and probably get gifted one every holiday…CONTINUE READING

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Puzzle I Redo

As with many puzzlers, I get excited when purchasing a new puzzle. When I started my Youtube channel, I had a nicely manageable collection of about 20 puzzles. However, my collection quickly grew, and my to-do pile is well over 100 puzzles. The thought of redoing a puzzle seems wild to me at times. With so many fun images, new brands, and various styles to explore, it is hard to justify doing a puzzle again after it has already been completed. However, several in my collection stand out, and I have done them several times or plan on redoing them again. Here are some common things I see among these prized puzzles that I want to keep in mind when purchasing puzzles in the future. Maybe this is something that may help you when deciding to purchase your next puzzle.CONTINUE READING

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